The Demo Explained

This is not the finished product by any means, but this is an indicator of the direction in which Pareidolia is going.This demo is divided up into 5 parts each yet to be titled.


Our story begins here with the main character walking down an alley during a storm and discovering a doorway.The music is by Marcus Matusiak from 'Matron' a short narration will accompany the piece when its re-recorded, most of the text is in the booklet that comes with the demo.
Upon entering the doorway to the Magic Theatre the first song begins with the lines "For madmen only, come inside.Admission your sanity, there is nothing you can hide".

The music for this is based on a riff that i sent Ryan O'Leary from 'Nocturnal Playground', he sent back a piece that he was not happy with claiming it was a little too "Generic death metal", however it pretty much did what i wanted it to do and he got my initial riff bang on, so i was happy.

Again vocals to follow at a later date and i suspect a slightly different musical arrangement !


And so the first mirror is placed in front of our character, the voice says "speak child for now is the time", the peep show begins and we see and girl naked and covered in blood in front of a crucified figure she speaks of her disgust at religion.

The synthersizer is done by Stu ex 'Of Perception' to name but one of many.The church organ hails our next song based on Pawel's, from 'Vintage Steel', imaginative black metal riff and once again handed to Ryan to expand on.

The lyrics will speak of the trial of Lucifer and are also included in the booklet.


Again Stu is let loose on synth to herald the next mirror and peep show, the voice is an echo of lucifers defence from his trial.This show opens to our main character playing with dice, but unlike Luke Reindhardt, he leaves nothing to chance with the motto "Odds i win, evens you lose".

The music is again Ryan with live drums from former 'Defiled' member James.


Ahh the synth again to our next mirror and peep show.This show reveals madness, the constant looking into the mirror in an attempt to find his real self is leading to some problems.

He declares that "Once i had a little game, called go insane".The music is the only one to feature vocals from Stu at the moment and features 'Vintage Steel' members Mark (Ex Tiberium) and Pawel again.
This piece goes straight into guitar and drum machine from Stu, its mellow tone is interrupted by an inner demon who turns the music into a doom nightmare.

This is very unfinished at the moment but will be recorded with Dave from 'Virus' and Kris from the Rock Attic at some future point.

The psycho synths return at the end :)


We are at an end, did our character find out his true desires, we'll have to wait and see.More synths lead us into Sam Brandon's,'Virus' and 'Matron', metal masterpiece complete with drum programming.

But at the end that voice returns..


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