01.Cut It Down
02.Lazy Summer Daze
03.So Sad
04.I Cant Do It Anymore
06.Bright Side Is Suicide
07.Evil Glamour

Stu (Vocals/Guitar)
Kev (Bass)
Dave (Guitar)
Peter Antonio (Guitar)
Chops (Drums)

Forward now to January 1995 and i go into a record shop in soho and get talking to this guy who turns out to have been a fan, even better he owns a record label and is planning a tour with Chrissie Hynde and Patti Paladin, basically he offers me 2 songs on a new cd he putting together, the support on a full uk tour and an album deal!!!!

I didnt tell him we had split so i tracked kev and dave down talked to them and they were up for it, i find peter from thrash band Dr X and we meet the legendary chops whose list of credits include UFO & Rolling Stones!
We set up for a series of rehersals in rooms owned by the Stones (wow :) and it is good, we write an album in 3 sessions it was so electric.
I have to say 'i cant do it anymore' is really bad but its the only recording i have of it.

Some of the songs like 'deception' were very heavy, the punk stuff like 'LSD' was the best we had ever done, the long moody 'bright side' was done in a single take.
The title track was a kind of pearl jam/guns n roses thing, all in all we were set and it would have been amazing, one week in March the recording studio was booked, but here's the thing.... we never got there!


DOWNLOAD IT HERE : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XGUSN5H8


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