01.Led Baloon (Demo 14.03.92)
02.One Step Foward (Demo Rock Version)
03.Deaths Beautiful Dream (live)
04.Of Perception (live)
05.Jewel Of The Diamond Lizard (Live)
06.Trip To The American Night (Live)
07.Ten Seconds Of Forever (Comic Version)
08.Paradise (ElectroLive Version 31.10.90)
09.Spirit Of The Age (Live 11.3.91)
10.One Step Foward & Blues Jam (16.09.91)
11.Twilight Zone (Comic Version)

Stu (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Synthersizer/Drum Machine)
Kev (Bass/Vocals)
Dave (Guitar)
Pete (Drums)
Jazz J (Vocals)

This kind of clears up the first half of the bands story, its a mixture of live recordings from gigs and rehersals and a couple of home demos.
Led Balloon is a personal favourite though my lyrics really sucked!
The version of Trip is the best i have ever heard its different from the album version and has a great backing vocal, another great track is the blues jam based on naked woman blues by jim morrison, dave was very drunk and played the hell out of his guitar.
These a couple of sily ones here as well, because we used to drink more than play sometimes so every now and then we'd come up with some rubbish, but our take on Hawkwinds 1o seconds of forever is a classic as is the stupid twilight zone which has nothing to do with the album song of the same name.



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