REPTILE HOUSE - ONE TAKE NO DUBS Pre Of Perception Demo 1989 (Free CD Download)

01.Morning Dew
02.I Dont Care
03.Spirit Of The Age
04.I'll Be Your Sister

Stu (Vocals/Synthersizer)
Kev (Bass)
Dave (Guitar)
Paul (Drums)

Well 6 years after T.O.O.T.H split, kev had been in various bands like Perfect Strangers and Confusion.
When Confusion needed a vocalist i was asked to join, i did 3 sessions but it didnt work out, but after spending the previous years as a radio dj and music journalist i got a taste for live music again, so myself and kev decided to try carrying on where we had left off.

We got Dave from welsh rock group Swamp Angels on guitar and Paul who was just some goth dude on drums, we picked a set of covers and got back into the swing of things.




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