Saturday, 5 February 2011

Red Jester - She Devil EP (Cd Review)

01.Punching Bag
03.By Your Side
04.Riding The Night
05.Problem Child
06.She Devil

Dan Faulkner (Guitar)
Jim Parkin (Vocals)
Darren Dodds (Bass)
Studley Drudd Fuck (Drums)

Hailing from the Midlands the four piece rock band formed in 2010 to, in their own words, "write and perform rock songs with the balls, soul, attitude, carefreeness and fun vibe".

What has impressed me already about this band is the level of professionalisim shown in presentation of their demo with full colour info sheets and on initial listen (and remember they have not been together long) the quality of the music and production of the tracks, so that said let me hit play again.

The opening track 'Punching Bag' has a great swagger to it, it moves like Motorhead's "No Class" and has a neat riff running throughout.

The bluesy 'Resolve' comes over like a slow version of Crue's take on "Helter Skelter", it has all the hallmarks of clasic rock complete with an epic guitar solo backed with a solid drum beat!

As with the two previous songs this also has an instant familiarity as well, though this typical rock ballad 'By Your Side' does fall slightly short of its potential, a stronger vocal and more backing vocals would add more depth to it and a bit more punch from the bass and drums towards the end would give it an "Epic" quality which i think the song deserves.

You know if this track 'Riding The Night' was issued as a single during the height of the NWOBHM scene in 1979 it would be considered a "Classic", its like Starfighters meets a very early Maiden, again the riffing is first class and the vocal is very catchy.

Now 'Problem Child' would have been that imaginary singles B Side!! (Except that the lyrics mention Nikki Sixx).
The bass work comes over really well in this one and that Dan fellow just cant help laying down some major riffage.

Finally 'She Devil' kicks off like Rob Zombies "Thunderkiss 65" before moving into a rhythmic pattern that gets the head going instantly!

Massivley impressive EP, all the elements of what modern genre "Classic Rock" bands play, with a touch of NWOBHM and some of the more rock orientated bands from the britpop era.


Rating 8/10

For Fans Of: Cavalar, King Lizard, Voodoo Six, Cauldron, Ocean Colour Scene

Phyrexia - Children Of The Dawn EP (Cd Review)

02.Children Of The Dawn

Elliot Beaver (Vocals)
Dan Saunders (Guitar)
Vicki Thompson (Keyboards)
Paul Nazarkardeh (Guitar)
Simon McAuliffe (Bass)
Tom Atherton (Drums)

London's Phyrexia released an ep sometime back and it was good but lacked "production" this new EP recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Sullivan brings a quality to these tracks and allows us to hear the full might of their excellent take on Epic Black/Extreme metal.

Can i just start by saying "Fucking Hell!!!" because thats the initial reaction to '1914'.
The power that comes through the speakers its brain melting, everything about this is just 100% better than their last EP.
The vocals are agressive and stunning and the drumming absolutley slays!
Superb guitar work in different styles from shred to near acoustic, the timing changes in the music and the subtle tones of dark piano just add layer upon layer of depth.

Symphonic Death/Black metal comes once again screaming out of the speakers!
'Children Of The Dawn' is a very harsh drum driven beast, with beautiful harmony underneath the mix coming from a slower synth sound.
About three minutes in you get this fantastic guitar solo and then it slows down for some screaming vocals before that awesome drum pattern kicks back in.

At this level the band now need an album and video, time everybody knew about them!!


Rating 10/10

For fans Of : Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Akercocke, Order Of Apollyon.