Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nemhain - Murder Mile EP (Review)

01.Natural Born Sinners
02.Seriously Ill
03.Love 4 Death
04.Bad Moon Rising

Amber Erlandsson (Vocals)
Adrian Erlandsson (Drums)
Lisa Dickinson (Bass)
Sam Astley (Guitar)
Lakis K (Guitar)

Some 20 months since the release of the debut album 'From The Ashes' comes this download only EP to co-inside with their Bloodstock appearence.

'Natural Born Sinners' opens the EP with typical style and swagger that you expect from a band of this high standard.
Catchy as flu and twice as deadly with an instantly sing-a-long-able chorus of "I Take You Down" all pulled into gear with some cool Motorhead vibe!

Without a doubt one of the best songs ever 'Seriously Ill' has taken their "Blues stained punk" to a new and darker level, this is a moody, dark and sleazy homage to booze.At times its almost doomy and reminds me of a Cathedral.
Everybody will soon be screaming "Hair Of The Dog", like i said one of the best songs from the band full stop.
Its also clear that from those early days they have continued to mature both musically and lyrically and that they are continuing to push themselves forward.

Fast paced punker 'Love 4 Death' is a nod back to the 'Blood Runs Free' era and serves as a reminder that after 5 years they can still be "In your face", love the ending line i wonder if that was planned??

Finally their version of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising', once again making a cover very much their own (Their version of Die Die My Darling was to die for), turning the upbeat original into a dark downbeat blues nightmare, stunning vocals and superb arrangement.
Brilliant slide guitarwork, driving drum beat and punchy bass, all of which make this a version that Nick cave would kill for.

Serving as a taster for the new songs for the next album it leaves you hungry and
definatly wanting more, im still hoping for the promised acoustic EP and a full UK tour.

Rating: 10/10

For Fans Of: Danzig, Distillers, Catfight, Motorhead, Generation Graveyard




Monday, 26 September 2011

Hamerex - Rites Of Passage (Cd Review)

01.Aftershocks Of Death

02.The Headless Horseman



05.The Lycan

06.Rites Of Passage

07.Army Of Darkness

08.To The End

09.The Gates Of Hades

10.Waste Away

Steve Blower (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Chris Moules (Vocals)

Andy Firth (Bass)

Darren Kelsall (Drums)

Joe Wilson (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Hamerex are a Yorkshire based Heavy Metal band formed in August 2004.An energetic and entertaining live band put together by Steve drawing on the early 80's scene but taking in a wider variety of influences.
Soon to follow was Chris Moules who applied for the role of vocalist with the band and
proving the best choice in the selection. After numerous changes from the original line-
up, Andy Firth joined the band on bass and added a darker edge to the music.

Soon after came veteran drummer Darren Kelsall and brought with him the pace and timing needed for a solid metal band.

In April 2009 the bands first E.P. 'Into War'was released. As this was nearing completion
Joe Wilson stepped into the recording studio on guitar completing the current line up.Soon after they signed to Swerve Records and the following May put out their second E.P.
'The Lycan', which gained them many positive reviews.

Last August they began work on their first album “Rites Of Passage” at Planet Platforms
where the drums and Steve’s guitars were recorded and from February 2011 the rest was
completed at Dee Dee Music including mixing and mastering which was done by guitarist Joe
Wilson and bassist Andy Firth.

The album is released on Monday 26th September 2011 on iTunes and on CD through the
band’s store. The album features 10 tracks that have been written at various times
through the bands 7 year history. The album artwork was sculptured and illustrated by
James Mullett who also did the previous two E.P. covers for the band.

'Aftershocks Of Death' has a great intro very reminiscent of Diamond Head's 'Am I Evil', some solid drumming kicks this opening track along at a nice pace and some pretty awesome riffing going on there too.

Wonderous old school thrash rhythms punctuate 'The Headless Horseman', i have also got used to the Roddy Stone style vocals in fact this could be a Viking Skull song!!!!

'Stalker' kicks off with some nice bass work before launching into a doom paced rocker with the riffs coming at you at such a rate you cant sit still for a second.

'Hypnotise' pounds like a battering ram (Judas Priest pun intended), classic british heavy metal nuff said!

Now 'The Lycan' is a fucking great song, but the vocal is a little strained at times, sounds like the singer is trying to sing too high and it does kill it a bit.

An epic 8 minutes of superb music starting with some great acoustic guitar then heading off into pounding riffage and gutteral vocals.At times 'Rites Of Passage' threatens to move well and truly into doom territory but it keeps a thrash edge, making for a good well balanced mix.

'Army Of Darkness' is a dark brooding song, but again i think the vocal is slightly off, though i think thats because they have put on some kind of vocal fx.

I have to say as soon as i hit play on 'To The End' i got Hatebreeds 'I Will Be Heard' in my head, this is quite a hardcore/metalcore song, good but seems slightly out of place with the rest of the tracks.

'The Gates Of Hades' has some more great riffing in it, and all in all gets the album back on track.

Finally we have 'Waste Away' yet another great song, mid paced well mixed (The drum pedal work comes through a treat!) awesome guitarwork, but again i feel some work needed on the vocals.

All in all this is one helluva album and proof that the best metal still comes from this side of the Atlantic, my only drawback is some of the vocals.

Rating : 9/10

For fans Of : Viking Skull, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Evile


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sci'enta Dystene - Chords Of Snow (Demo Review)

01.The First Chords of Snow After Distance

Richard Creek (Drums)
Glynne Cicada (Guitar/Vocals)

Sci'enta Dystene are a London based 2-piece Experimental, Progressive, Avant-Metal Groove Rock band formed from the personal frustrations & confines of Sheffield city back in 2002.
Their concept was to create innovative, challenging, non-conformist musical dialogues in which to communicate with those like-minded enough to listen and are clearly on a missionto push themselves further into their own world where no idea is rejected & every new direction becomes possible, striving to create Heavier, Weightier, Innovative Atmospheres with Groove, Subtlety & raw Energy.

Their long history together shows from the unique chemistry that they share on stage, though they are currently looking for a committed Bassist to complete their circle.
Now duo's that create intresting music are few and far between, maybe Johnson/Blenkarn, Kenney/Hunt, Dinger/Rother and Satyr/Frost are the only ones worth a mention here and in some respects fit much of the ethos of Creek and Cicada.

The two tracks i was given to review are rehersal room recordings, which means they are rough, unpolished and slightly distorted...you know how music is supposed to be!
Itas not surprising that they are picking up a solid reputation on the music scene in London with music of this standard that both entertains and confronts.

From its quirky intro 'The First Chords Of Snow After Distance' soon shapes up into a very intresting 12 minutes of soundscapes, odd rhythms, driving chord structures blended with melody and at times some controlled madness.

'Cressida' is a more complex and darker affair, laden with samples, heavy guitar and strange timings, this one has the hallmarks of Axis Of Perdition covering Pink Floyds Interstella Overdrive, ts earie, heavy and weird!Longer at 13 minutes, yet doesnt seem that long when you play it.

Very intresting music indeed, i hope to hear more but also hope that if they get proper recording studio time that they dont overkill their vibe with too much production, the primitive live sound works well and sometimes less is more when laying down music (Think of Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost and Darkthrone).

Perhaps problems lie ahead for the band with where to place them in the music world, it is an unfortunate state of affairs where "genre placement" becomes a major issue for promoters and the press, here is a band who defiy the obvious tags and would in my opinion suit any bill from black metal to doom, prog to indie, i hope they can crack the market they deserve it and your ears need this!

Rating : 9/10

For Fans Of : Axis Of Perdition, Fantomas, (Early) Pink Floyd, Fifty Foot Hose, El Schlong.


Official Website : http://www.scientadystene.com/