Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ancient VVisdom - Deathlike (Cd Review)

01.The Beginning
02.Let The End Begin
03.Life On Earth
05.Far Beyond Good & Evil
07.Look Alive
08.Waiting To Die
09.Death Or Victory
11.Never Live Again
12.Here Is The Grave

From the dark corners of Austin, Texas, singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition, his brother Michael Jochum (electric guitar) and acoustic guitarist Justin "Ribs" Mason have been annihilating the underground rock scene under the moniker of ANCIENT VVISDOM.

Utilizing unusual instrumentation including a bowed stand-up bass, synths, and machete/bamboo percussion over their acoustic guitars, the band set out to develop an enticing yet macabre sound -- which Opposition describes as "the root of rock n' roll and blues" -- on their 2011 debut release "A Godlike Inferno," which garnered the band a strong cult following. Classic Rock called the album a "dark and brooding beast," comparing it to "the dirty glam swagger of Ziggy-era Bowie," while Kerrang! praised its "hypnotic tone and rich soundscapes."

Determined to spread their infectious sound to the masses, the band took on an opening spot for Ghost's inaugural U.S. headlining tour in 2012, as well as a performance at the Scion-sponsored Death Comes Ripping showcase at that year's South By Southwest festival that left concertgoers begging for mercy. Buoyed by nominations for "Best Underground Band" at Metal Hammer's Golden Gods Awards and for "Best New Band" at Classic Rock's annual awards, the band then headed overseas, a jaunt that included performances at Norway's Inferno Festival and the prestigous Roadburn Festival as well as a live broadcast on BBC Radio, where they premiered a new track (the fittingly titled "The Last Man on Earth").

ANCIENT VVISDOM have been further honing in on their archaic sound ever since, producing a mesmerizing follow-up to "A Godlike Inferno" at Diamond Factory Studios in Austin. Their new album, "Deathlike," holds true to its moniker, putting the listener into a state of repose.Their only hope lies in Opposition's vocals -- which, combined with the impassioned acoustic instrumentation, leaves listeners at the edge of their seat as they try to comprehend the depth of his haunting lyrics. Once again mixed and mastered by "A Godlike Inferno" engineer/co-producer Jason Buntz, who this time partnered with Enormous Door founder Jack Control (Jet, The Darkness, ...Trail Of Dead), "Deathlike"s sound remains true to the band with it's rich acoustic tones and heavy electric guitars chugging through an apocalyptic world. "Deathlike" will be released by Prosthetic Records on Feb. 5, 2013 in the U.S.

If you like Doomy acoustic goth with dark country and folk undertones then this may well be the perfect album for you.
Laden with ambience and occult influence's.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : Nick Cave, Joy Division, Earth, Sunn O))), The Doors, Boyd Rice

FerreTT - Year Of The Ferret (Cd Review)

01.Do We Need an Earthquake?
02.My Cock.....Your Funeral
03.Much Too Young
04.Sweet Action
05.Ferrets in Town
06.Cry of the Black Footed Ferret
07.They Eat The Living!
08.Wild Nonstop Nights
10.FerreTT Beach U.S.A.
11.Drinking Beers
12.Wrath of the Wizard

King of the Night Time World (Vocals)
Nicky G. (Guitars)
Scott Hart (Guitars)
Dangerous Dave (Bass)
Sammi the Ferret (Drums)

 Guest Musicians :
Leigh FoXXX (keyboards)
Ian Purdy (Synthersizer)

Since this recording, Dangerous Dave has moved out of state so we have replaced him with Lex Slade.

The band formed in March of 2011 and the record was recorded throughout 2011 and 2012 and mixed and mastered in the fall of 2012.Guest vocals on "FerreTT Beach U.S.A." by

Legendery Danish Surf Rocker Axel Johanson. The artwork was done in Italy by Robert Toderico.

Nicky G. and Dangerous Dave also played in a progressive death metal band called Rainbow Teeth, but under different stage names.

This american band are something of a mystery, in that there are no pictures of them only pictures of ferrets!

Not too sure what to make of this lot, its got an obvious Glam metal style, yet lurking in there are some doom elements.
Lyrically its a nod to Steel Panther and vocally have to say more than a touch of the uk's Brian Conolly from the legendary Sweet.

The silly named 'Cry Of The Black Footed Ferret' is done in the style of the "Epic Ballad" complete with keyboards and anthemic guitar work.

The short interlude 'They Eat The Livin' is a synth driven piece that is pure 80's electro a la Kraftwerk, this leads into 'Wild Nonstop Nights' which turns out to be quite a heavy song with solid drums throughout punching the piece out, some pretty cool guitarwork in there as well.

The 9 minute epic 'Wrath Of The Wizard' ends n an epic powermetal/doom.glam hybrid rocker.

So all in all a mixed bag of songs, not your typical glam band, not typical heavy metal either.

Well put together, good musicianship and silly lyrics, ultimatley an intresting album well worth a listen.

Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : Steel Panther, Wrathchild UK, WASP, Cinderella, Alice Cooper, Spinal Tap.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Generation Graveyard - Deletist (Track Review)


Max (Vocals)
Jimmy Von Snig (Drums)
Pete Turner (Guitar)
Phil Roadkill (Bass)
Arno Von Detrius (Guitar)

Camden based rockers Generation Graveyard were formed early in 2008 by Vocalist/Dj Max
With fellow musicians/Dj's Jonny and Phil along with guitarist Pete (Maleficient) and Spider.The band adopt a simple philosophy to their fucked up punked rock n roll : "Fuck the scene. Fuck the rules. Fuck genres. Fuck your twitter, Fuck your clique.This is music for the underdogs, the scumbags and the misunderstood.See you at the bar".

Throughout 2009 they built themselves a reputation as a very explosive live act and continue to increase their fanbase on a daily basis.
By 2012 Spider had left to be replaced by Arno and the band notched up some impressive support slots to bands like 'Warrior Soul'and 'Anti Nowhere League'.
They returned to the studio to cut their second EP and also filmed a promo video.

The new EP is due out soon but the band have released a one track download as a taster along with a performance video.

What you get is 2 minutes of skuzzy/death-punk delivered at high velocity, clearly designed to smash you straight in the face before you can draw breath!

You can get the track by following the link below and yu can catch them live supporting 69 EYES or at the filth fest that is Antichrist.

All hail the plague!!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Amen, Warrior Soul, Germs, Skitsystem, Discharge, Warfare.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Blood Red Shoes - The Water EP (Cd Review)

 01.Red River
02.Black Distractions
03.Idle Hands

Laura-Mary Carter (Guitars/Vocals)
Steven Ansell (Drums/Vocals)

 Having just completed a lengthy UK tour with New Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem following the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘In Time To Voices’, Brighton rock n’roll who formed way back in 2004 return with a brand new three-track EP and a headline appearance at the 02 Empire in Shepherd’s Bush January 22nd. Also joining them on the bill will be Rolo Tomassi and Wet Nuns.

Titled ‘Water’ and released January 21st through V2 on 10” vinyl and download, the three new tracks were recorded in Dallas TX this October by John Congleton (The Roots/The Walkmen/Explosions In The Sky).

“One of the first times Laura and I actually met was at a show that John Congleton's band The Paper Chase were playing in London 8 years ago,” explains Steven Ansell. “We've known John since then and always been in touch about doing some recording we finally made it happen at the end of our recent US tour. We did it super fast down at his studio in Dallas Texas, straight after our last show of the US tour. The songs themselves are some of the most out-and-out rock riffs we've ever written, inspired a lot by driving around the USA and pure badass rock n roll immediacy - they're much looser, faster, and less considered than ‘In Time To Voices’ and we wanted to capture that feeling and not make it too perfect.

Pure New York rock (err but from Brighton), its simplistic, rhythmic and very catchy, basically its the White Stripes (in reverse) with a hint of T-Rex!


For fans Of: White Stripes, Strokes, The Gossip