Sunday, 31 August 2008


2.Viking Skull - Blackend Sunrise
3.Cavalar - Blind Eye
4.Ravens Creed - Panzer Maniac
5.Marcus Hell & Stu
6.Matron - Welcome To Hell
7.Boiler Room Speech From Hellraiser
8.Nothing To Lose - Dig Your Grave
9.Chaosanct - Slither
10.Eric Idle - Penis Song
11.Narkan - Eat My Ass
12.Morrigan Hel & Stu
13.Nemhain - Did Die My Darling
14.Candyman Lament
15.Witchsorrow - Trial Of Elizabeth Clarke
16.Tiberium - The Scars Of War Remain (Unreleased Demo)
17.Derek & Clive - I Saw This Bloke
18.Spitting Blood - Behind The Machine
19.Pareidolia - Untitled Intro (Unreleased Demo)
20.HedMuffin - Trim It
21.Nocturnal Playground - Blood On Your Hands
22.Derek & Clive - You Stupid Cunt
23.King Lizard - Late Nite Dynamite

Running Time - 65.10
Format - Wma
Size - 45.3 mb
Bit Rate - 97.8 kbs
So here we are then, just over an hours musical fun n frolics for you to download and stick on your ipod/mp3/mobile phone, or just your computer.Enjoy and remember when you go to gigs buy the cd's from the band if they have them.

KING LIZARD,METALWORKS - Monarch 24.08.08 (Gig Review)

Metalworks & Friends
King Lizard

Monarch Camden 24.08.08

The Monarch was packed out tonight and im not surprised,Metalworks are the best covers band i have ever seen.Lets face most covers bands are average "pub bands",but not this lot,oh no,the level of musicianship here is top class.You may recognise bassist Dave from Zodiac Mindwarp,this guy is amazing ! Guitarist Rikki looks like Paul Kossoff and plays like Zakk Wylde ! when vocalist/guitarist Steff sings ac/dc he even sounds like Bon.All in all brilliant,they do what you would expect Paranoid,Born To be Wild etc but they throw in Maiden,Megadeth,Metallica and the best version of Wishing Well since Free.They play most sundays at the Monarch so go!!!

Next up the monsters of rock themselves King Lizard,every time i see them they just seem to get better and better and tonight was no exception.Kicking off with an instrumentle intro for the first time they then follow this with a bunch of the catchiest rock songs you will ever hear,all the classics are there 'Video Lover','Hell Yeah','Outrageous' and the brilliant 'Rain On You' but tonight we are treated to a brand new song called 'Viva La Decadence'and its an instant hit with the audience who quickly join in on the chanting chorus,the set ends with 'Late Nite Dynamite',which they are.
With their brand new EP out in November and a huge uk tour planned and a definate possibility of an album early next year,the KL lads are about to get seriously noticed (and about time too).

As if all that was'nt enough Metalworks return for a jamming set with various friends joining in the set of more Ac/Dc,Maiden and even a little Billy Idol.Flash and Niro from KL jump up for 'Sweet Child Of Mine',shame the night had to finish.On a personal note,thanks to Flash,Sky,Niro and Alice for the best birthday bash i have had for years !



King Lizard

RAVENS CREED - Militia Of Blood Sacrifice (CD Review)

1.Panzer Maniac
2.Imperial Leather
3.Exploding The Steel
4.Dead Crow Mantle

Steve Watson (Iron Monkey) - Guitar
Jay Graham (Skyclad) - Drums
Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) - Vocals
James Kiely (GBH) - Guitar
Frazer Craske (Sabbat) - Bass

Four skull crushing tracks of pure fucking metal inspired by Venom and early thrash.From the opening track to the last its like venom jamming with ministry !The recordings dont quite match the ferocity of their live shows and this ep is just not enough, so hopefully a full album at some point and a live dvd,but go to the next gig and buy this limited edition cd,that way your neighbours will hate you forever when you crank it up!

Rating : 10/10
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Saturday, 30 August 2008


Ravens Creed

Barfly Camden 20.08.08

So the vile and repulsive emo/indie pop mag kerrang do a rare thing... Something Metal!
Arrive at 7 they said, so i did, then at 5 past 8 the first band take to the stage.
Witchsorrow are purveyers of Doom, slow, pounding chrords blast from the Gibson SG backed by powerfull bass and drumming.They ended thewir set with an amazing reworking of Mayhems 'Freezing Moon'.Why this band have no recordings to buy is something of a mystery to me.

Next up Ravens Creed fronted by Orange Goblins Ben ward and featuring Frazer Craske from Sabbat, Steve Watson from Iron Monkey and Jay graham from Skyclad.
The band dont so much play songs as attack them, a great mixture of punk/black metal/death metal with Ben pacing the stage and towering over the audience (Managing to scare off the only 2 kerrang readers at the front !).

Finally Turisas take to the stage, i guess they are the "Marmite" of metal at the moment, i have seen them seven times now and i like a nice thick layer of the black stuff.
This was possibly the best gig they have played,they entertain the crowd and have fun, something lacking in the emo world.
Of course everyones fave Vikings knock out the classics "One More" and after a lounge instrumentle telling everyone to grab a partner for the last dance, they launch into "Battle Metal", oh and of course "Rasputin".
One surprise in their set was a cover of 'Those Were The Days' the Paul McCartney penned song for folk singer Mary Hopkin which was on their original Heart Of Turisas demo a few years back.
All in all one of the best gigs i have been to in a long long time.



Ravens Creed


ACE MAFIA - Feel The Fire (CD Review)

1.Feel The Fire
2.Best Thing
3.London Underground

K.Ghibi - Vocals/Guitar
Richie Faulkner (Lauren Harris Band)- Lead Guitar
Bruno Agra (Zodiac Mindwarp & Love Reaction) - Drums
Geos Letona - Bass

Any band that starts their record with a ballad are either mad or genius,well Camden based rockers Ace Mafia are definatley the latter,crafting their debut ep with great care.

Showing clear influence from Guns N Roses and Motley Crue,throw in some Zakk Wylde guitar and vocals reminicent of Jerry Cantrell what you get is an overall mature rock sound,well produced and expertly executed.Feel The Fire is made for late night rock radio.Best Thing has flute on it (! more Magnum than Jethro Tull) and sampled string section,its really catchy and has that "Makes you nod your head and tap your feet" quality.London Underground is my favourite track,but there is a temptation to sing Sabbaths 'Hole In The Sky' in places,that matters not because this song "Kicks".Rollin' closes the ep and just leaves you wanting.

What can i say,just a brilliant self released ep of solid hard rock,theres only a couple of hundred at the moment so contact the band at their myspace,or if you are in Camden you might be able to pick one up at the Eclipse Tattoo Studio where one of the band members works.

Rating : 10/10
Get This If You Like : Black Label Society,Alice In Chains,Motley Crue,Guns N Roses.

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