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CHAOSANCT - Live At The Fly 21.09.08 (Gig Review)


9Days Down

1000 Scars

Heavens Gate

Arriving early at the venue, due to the amount of people there was to talk to, i never made inside the venue until 5 minutes before Chaosanct were due on stage!
So unlike other reviewers who just lie, i must apologise to all 3 support groups who i did not get to see, therefore i cannot review their sets.I will say that from talking to various people none of them had anything negative to say about them.

Onto Chaosanct who were making their london debut in front of a packed audience and boy did they deliver!
The brainchild of James Mcilroy, ex Cradle Of Filth and current lead guitarist with Matron who has spent 2 years putting this together with Andy Ongley (ex Lozek and current Guitarist with Samsas Traum), multi talented musician Tilman Wolff-Moore on bass also with Samsas Traum and Spitting Blood, ex Biomechanical drummer Matt C and Spitting Blood vocalist David R Kuchta.

Exploding onto the cramped stage with 'Slither' (one of only four completed demos,this one was recently uploaded to their myspace page), two things strike you; firstly that the quality of music is very high with its blend of death metal and melody and secondly that Dave has the most amazing voice, like a mixture of Burton C.Bell and Shagrath, without a doubt this guy has the best voice in metal in the uk right now.

The next few songs are new to everybody as only 2 have been released so far, each song powers along with pounding bass, superb guitar work from Andy and James who also manageed to windwill without getting caught up ! (how come his head doesnt unscrew?) driven by a constand barrage of drum triggers on overdrive.

Best of all was the atmosphere.On stage the band were clearly happy laughing and joking between songs and with each song the audience were becoming more involved with much headbanging and flicking of the obligatory horns,it was a sad moment when Dave announced the last song.
All in all a great gig from a band who will be destroying venues throughout the country in the near future.



1.Hello My Little Friends
2.Viking Skull - Beers Drugs And Bitches
3.Jays Words Of Wisdom
4.Needleye - Hollow
5.GU Medicine - Taking Her Lead
6.Alice Through The Looking Glass (Dogma)
7.12 Ton Method - Crucify Me
9.Head On - Break The Walls Down
10.More Cousin Walter
11.B-Movie Vampires - Be One Of Us
12.Interlock - Rest
13.Stinkhole - Shit Storm
14.Revenge Is Very Sweet
15.Legions - Staring Into The Abyss
16.Cavalar - Hole In The Sky (Not On 2008 CD Reissue)
17.Blood Island Raiders - Rust
18.Matron - Ultimate Bones
19.Nemhain - From The Ashes (2007 Demo Version)
20.King Lizard Introduce Themselves
21.King Lizard - Hard To Get
22.Screw You Guys Im Going Home

Running Time - 62.20
Format - wma
Size - 43.4 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs
Third instalment,im going to keep doing this until somebody actually downloads one and leaves me a comment :)
Download and enjoy my usual mix of music and offensive comedy.
As always go to the gigs and if they have them buy the cd's from the bands!

SPITTING BLOOD - Control The Weak (CD Review)

1.Control The Weak
3.This Is My Time
4.Pedal To The Metal
5.Out For The Count
6.Behind The Machine
7.Blood On My Hands
8.Psychopathic Amnesiac
9.Surrendering To Faith
10.Spitting Blood

Chris 'Haggis' Holmes - Vocals
Judge Shredd - Lead Guitar
Tilman 'T' Wolfe-Moore - Bass
Reuben O'Donoghue - Drums

Kicking off with a warning from the police to disperse and vacuate the area,the album explodes into extreme drumming,powerchord heavy guitarwork,expert basswork and sampled keyboards.Each track seems to increase in its brutality in terms of drumming,it just drives each home like a nail in pinheads skull.
'Behind The Machine' is one of my fave tracks here along with the anthemic 'Betrayed' and as for the self titled track.. nasty nasty stuff and one for those who like it "when the red water comes out!".
I highly reccomend this to anyone who likes their metal "Heavy", its a great album for those who love drums.Many of the tracks have a Devildriver/Slipknot feel, just remove the melodic bits they throw in and the commercial elements and yep here's a band that their fans could grow to love.
Why have'nt the british press picked up on Spitting Blood ? Fuck knows too busy butt-licking emo crap and false metal like Trivium.
Now being stand up human beings they have made the whole album available to listen to, find it here :

After you have listened to it go buy the bugger ! get it from the band with a T-Shirt from here :

Rating : 10/10

Get This If You Like : Devildriver,Slipknot,Bolt Thrower,Meshuggah.

Friday, 12 September 2008

PEEP SHOW - Out For Blood (CD Review)

1.The Stand
2.Turn It Up
3.Out For Blood
4.Teenage Nightmare
5.Peep Show
6.Nice Night To Die
7.Take The Fall
8.I Want You
9.Until Its Gone
10.Cat Boy

Johnny Gunn - Vocals
Rusty Gill - Lead Guitar
Shell - Guitar
Kennii Black - Bass
Charlie Deville - Drums

Come on then be honest,outstanding British glam/sleaze/metal bands,how many??For me Girl (Sheer Greed LP), Wrathchild (Trash Queens EP) and King Lizard (Late Nite Dynamite EP), well i found another to add to the list...Edinburgh based 'Peep Show'.
While the songs have that typical glam feel with catchy guitar and lots of shout it out loud chorus', it also has great use of samples including george bush, which leads us on to the obvious industrial edge this has, think Ministry meets Deathstars.
'Out For Blood'is heavy as fuck and my clear fave here, the rest just kick's ass.
These guys need to get into London and start tearing it up.
There is just 1000 copies of this cd, but you can buy the tracks individually as well, both from the bands myspace.

Rating : 10/10

Get This If You Like : Wednesday 13, Rob Zombie, Deathstars, WASP.


1.Everybody Fucking Ready
2.Nemhain - Heroin Child
3.Lumps Of It
4.McQueen - Blinded
5.Ace Mafia - London Underground
6.Cousin Walter
7.Spit Like This - Sweet Transvestite
8.The Defiled - Permanent Reminder
9.Doreterna - Titanium Souls
10.Holy Hand Grenade Of Antehoc
11.Matron - Welcome To Hell
12.Pete & Dud On Adam & Eve
13.Exorium - I Choose To Oppose You
14.Three Headed Knight
15.Omen - We'll Bring The Blood
16.Viking Skull - Inject My Woman With Love
17.Vamps N Gyspies - Royally Wasted
18.George Carlin Bullshit Story
19.Forever Never - Break The Trend
20.Shaun Of The Dead
21.Ever Rest - Who Am I
22.Dollar Sent - The Love
23.Rebel Yell - 3 Doctors & A Scientist
24.Angtoria - Confide In Me
25.Jay's Rap
26.King Lizard - Never Be Mine

Running Time - 66.22
Format - Wma
Size - 46.2 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs

So here we are again another hour or so of music and foul language comedy clips, for your ipod/mp3 player.This show i chucked in a touch of Rockabilly from Rebel Yell just because i can :)
As always buy the cd's from the bands and go to the gigs.

SPIT LIKE THIS - Trick Or Mistreat (CD Review)

1.Trick Or Mistreat
2.Sweet Transvestite

Lord Zion - Vocals
Vickki Spit - Bass/Backing Vocals
Cyndi Rott - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Vile Gilez - Drums

Released on 20th October with the album 'We Wont Hurt You' released in November, this single is available in glorious Red Vinyl ! as well as less intresting formats of CD and Download.
Why the bloody hell is the A Side not Sweet Transvestite ?
Trick or Mistreat is an okay song, reminds me of the Damned's 'Grimley fiendish' for some reason, but that dont matter because it's the cover of the Rocky Horror Show classic that deserves all the attention here.
To put it simply its the best cover i have ever heard, close your eyes and you can see Tim Curry, Lord Zion does the perfect impression (Maybe MTV should get him to play Frank-N-Furter in their remake tv special next year) and at one point i thought they had Little Nell on backing vocals, its as camp as a dvd box set of carry on movies !
However i feel the chance was missed here to do a 4 track ep and they could have thrown in a couple more covers of RHS or a couple of their older songs to get out to a potential new audience which this release will almost certainly attract.

Rating : 09/10

Get This If You Like : Cramps,Frankenstein Drag Queens,Rocky Horror Show,Misfits.


CAVALAR - As A Metal Of Fact (CD Review)

3.God Damned Rebel
5.Going For It!
6.New Empire
8.Blind Eye
9.Devil's Country
10.Born Like Fire
11.Watch Me From The Sky
12.Can The World Be Wrong?

Twitch - Vocals
Tadeu Dias - Lead Guitar
Marcus Ardanuy - Bass
Arnaldo Rogano - Drums

For an album that is actually 2 years old you might have thought that cavalar would release new material,but to be honest i bet most of you missed it first time round.
This re-issue now comes with better artwork,better production and better promotion thus making it easier to grab what is one of the best Hard rock albums you can buy.
Here we have 12 slabs of Black Sabbath influenced rock that retains originality and one that stands up play after play.
There are so many stand out tracks its hard to pick any one over another.
In one sentence its brilliant so buy it!
One single bad point, there is no track 13, on the original release there was a great cover of Sabbath's Hole In The Sky.
There has been a line up change since this was recorded and they will be entering the studio soon to record a new album to be released early next year.

Rating : 10/10

Get This If You Like : Black Sabbath,Trouble,Sheavy,Cathedral,Black Label Society.


NEWS @ 13


Adrian has now finished the last of the 'At The Gates' gigs and is back here in sunny London.Plans are being formulated for the upcoming release of their debut album 'From The Ashes' and a tour to promote it.So far 2 confirmed gigs are 14th of November at Bedford Park in Streatham supporting Theatre Des Vampires and on the 15th playing the very last gig ever at the Ruskin Arms as part of the Clive Aid weekend.


British thrash legends Virus are set to return after an 19 year abscence.Details are not clear yet but original guitarist Coke is joined by ex Tiberium and Doreterna drummer Dave Sherwood.The band's blend of thrash and punk tore up the uk in the late eighties producing 3 albums including the accepted genre classic 'Force Recon' in 1988.More info when i have it.

HERE'S 2 2 GO 2 !