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PRESS RELEASE: Bob Angelo:Early Days With Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis

Bob Angelo:Early Days With Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis

“It's a book about my times in both IRON MAIDEN & PRAYING MANTIS. It covers all of the time spent in 'MAIDEN, all in chonological order, in great detail, along with early snapshots of the band, which have never been seen.
It also covers all my 'MANTIS gigs, and both tours (METAL FOR MUTHAS & MAIDENS first headline tour, on which we supported them ),and details all the ridicoulous situations that we go into on the road! )
It contains about 12 early Maiden pix, plus various shots of 'Mantis. There are many references to other bands and members from around the time, and I'm sure it will be a very interesting and amusing read !!!”

For More Information please contact Stu at
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Words Of farewell - Immersion (Cd Review)

01.Project Daybreak
02.Ever After
03.End Of Transmission
04.On Second Thought
06.The Great Escape
07.Urban Panorama
09.Vagrant Story
10.Sundown Serenade

Alexander Otto (Vocals)
Erik Gaßmus (Guitar)
Henrik Tschierschky (Guitar)
Nils Urginus (Bass)
Jonas Wübbe (Drums)
Leo Wichmann (Keyboards)

Initiated by lead guitarists Erik Gaßmus and Phillipp Olivier, the German Progressive Death Metal band WORDS OF FAREWELL was founded in early 2007. The line-up was then completed by Nils Urginus (rhythm guitar), Leo Wichmann (synthesizer), Benedikt Goralski
(drums) and Alexander Otto (vocals/bass guitar).
After four months of rehearsing, the 7 track EP "Ashes of the Coming Dawn" was recorded at Boombox Studios in Lünen and published in a quantity of 500 units.

Half a year after their formation, the band had a personal change at the drums in which Felix Greiff replaced Benedikt Goralski.
In the autumn of 2008 the band recorded the 4 track CD "From Now On..." for promotional purposes at Total Recall Studios in Herten. It was pressed in limited numbers to be sent out to record labels and venues, distributed at live concerts and additionally offered as fre download.
Furthermore, the second sampler of the "European Underground Extreme Metal Front" featured their track "In Fiction".
Then, in summer of 2009, Jonas Wübbe entered as the new drummer of the band.
Subsequently, the band´s live sound was slimmed down from 3 to 2 guitars.
From June to December 2010, the band entered Metallurgy Studios,
Mönchengladbach, where the debut album "Immersion" was produced.

In 2011 Phillipp Olivier left the band, Henrik Tschierschky (Harasai, Symbiontic) following as worthy successor.

In January 2012 WORDS OF FAREWELL signed with AFM Records.Their debut album “Immersion” will be released on March 30th.You can literally feel the countless hours of practising in the rehearsal room that forged this atmospheric album.

“Immersion” is a piece of work that displays a degree of class, yet at times it remains "pedestrian" in its execution, bordering on symphonic power metal as opposed to the prog/death tag they give themselves.

Rating: 7/10

For Fans Of: Dark Tranquillity, Scar Symmetry, Insomnium


Edens Curse - Time To Breathe (Single Review)

EDEN’S CURSE are delighted to announce Italian vocalist Marco Sandron as the new voice of “The Curse” with the release of their brand new single and promotional video “Time To Breathe”.

Sandron previously sang for Italian Progressive Metal act Pathosray, who released their self-titled debut in 2007, and their sophomore release “Sunless Skies” in 2009. That same year he also contributed lead vocals to French Symphonic Metal outfit Fairyland’s “Score To A New Beginning” album.

“In true Eden’s Curse fashion, we found Marco on the Internet. I was browsing through various videos on You Tube, related to some of my favourite singers, and I found a cover he recorded of a Symphony X song and simply I was blown away!” said bassist Paul Logue.

“I just had to find out more about him. I then discovered he sang for Pathosray and managed to track down their albums, and I found his vocal performances on those records staggering. I managed to track him down on Facebook and made contact and I was delighted to receive an instant reply. We began the audition process and eventually I flew out to Italy at the beginning of January to meet and record with Marco and conclude the deal” carries on Logue.

Keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio, who mixed and mastered the new single, added “Marco’s mix of clean, aggressive and high-pitched tones instantly turned me into a fan of his vocal abilities. He has an outstanding talent in his craft and his technique is brilliant. He has the pipes to sing whatever he wants and whatever we ask him. I'm totally satisfied with our choice. Marco really deserves to have his voice heard and I believe Eden's Curse is the band with which to make this happen”.

The band return in style, showcasing Sandron’s sumptuous vocals and the continuation of the signature Eden’s Curse sound, with the release of their brand new single “Time To Breathe” which has been made available as a free download.

Accompanying the single release is a brand new promotional video, which was filmed at Sky Park in Glasgow, Scotland, at the end of January with Simon Jake Gillespie of Music Video Scotland in the Director’s chair. “It was imperative to us that not only did the fan base get to hear what Marco sounded like, but also what he looked like fronting Eden’s Curse” explained Logue.

The band are also thrilled to announce, not one but two, festival appearances, when they play PPM Fest in Belgium on Saturday 7th April alongside Accept, Sonata Artica and Evergrey and then Dokkem Open Air festival in Holland on Saturday 30th June alongside Arch Enemy and Jon Oliva’s Pain, meaning the new look Eden’s Curse line up is only seven weeks away from performing live together for the first time.

New boy, Sandron, could not hide his delight “I'm very proud to be the new singer of Eden's Curse! This band is great. The guys are simply awesome and a very talented group of musicians. There are no egos, just respect and true collaboration and we are working together simply to reach our one true goal – creating great music! I simply cannot wait to rock some stages and meet the wonderful Curse fan base that the guys tell me so much about, as well as completing songs for our new album. Yes, I'm very excited because the new songs we are writing are very powerful, melodic as hell and typically Eden’s Curse”.

A great track full of melody and that classic euro power metal touch.

To download the new single “Time To Breathe” for free, watch the promo video and for an extensive news update including quotes from the entire band, visit the Official Eden’s Curse website at :

“Time To Breathe” is also streamed on the band’s Soundcloud page – where it is available for free download as well:

Rating: 7/10

For fans Of: Firewind, Queensryche, EdGuy


3 Inches Of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal (CD Review)

01.Metal Woman
02.My Sword Will Not Sleep
03.Leather Lord
04.Chief And The Blade
05.Dark Messenger
06.Look Out
07.4000 Torches
08.Leave It On The Ice
09.Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
10.Storming Juno
11.Men Of Fortune
12.One For The Ditch

Cam Pipes (Vocals)
Shane Clark (Guitars)
Justin Hagberg (Guitars)
Ash Pearson (Drums)
Byron Stroud (Bass)

Proud defenders of the faith 3 INCHES OF BLOOD entered Vogville Studios and Profile
Studios in Vancouver to record their highly anticipated fifth full-length album. Reuniting the group with the producer and engineer of their rare “Anthems For the Victorious” 7” single, Terry “Sho” Murray (City of Fire, Exhibitionists), to create another kick-ass collection of scorching, face-melting, no Bullshit traditionalist heavy metal.

Vocalist Cam Pipes had the following to say about Long Live Heavy Metal: “When a band is releasing a new record, they often speak about it being their most important work or best album to date. Regardless of how clichéd either statement may sound, I think we would say both apply to this album. All of us have a special feeling about this one. We‘re more committed than ever to the cause of real, honest, no bullshit heavy metal. No trends, no fucking around!”

Powered by the glass-shattering vocals of Pipes, the blistering dual guitar work of Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark, and the powerful drums of Ash Pearson, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD formed in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia.
The band relocated to Vancouver shortly thereafter, where they dominated the local scene with their demo, “Sect of the White Worm”, and their debut full-length, “Battlecry Under A Winter Sun”. The intense buzz surrounding the band at this time earned them a support slot on tour with multi-platinum rock superstars, The Darkness. It wasn’t long before every metal label under the sun was competing to sign the band.

They released “Advance and Vanquish”, in 2004, and its follow-up, “Fire Up The Blades”, in 2007, before making the jump to Century Media for 2009’s “Here Waits Thy Doom”.
That same year, they became the first heavy metal band ever to collaborate with Nike 6.0. The result, the Blood Oncore High, was the most extreme pair of sneakers the world has ever known.

They’ve toured the world many times over, playing for millions of fans around the globe alongside such heavy metal luminaries as Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Lamb of God, Type O Negative, Hatebreed, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Their already-classic
anthem “Deadly Sinners” was featured in the best-selling videogames Tony Hawk’s
“Underground 2”, “Saints Row 2”, and “Brutal Legend”.

With more electrifying live performances sure to follow the release of Long Live Heavy Metal, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD’s onward march into the annals of heavy metal history will
surely continue unabated.

It delivers a 12 slab masterclass of pure metal, each with pounding drums, awesome bass and guitar work, and that screaming hellish vocal cuts thru with perfect balance and power.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Viking Skull, Skeletonwitch


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Review Of Rotweisser Herbal Liqueur Infused With Absinthe

Originally produced for German officers during World War II by Gaetano Inga. Rotweisser is a unique Herbal Infused Liqueur which incorporates Absinthe or Artemisia Absinthium-the active ingredient in all genuine Absinthe.

I entered a competition on Facebook and won a free bottle of Rotweisser so I thought I'd share my thoughts of it .

As expected from the look of the bottle it is similar to other alcoholic Herbal drinks such as Jagermeister, Josef Meyeirs and Messerschmitt etc but has a slightly different taste due to the addition of Wormwood (Artemisia) .

Although it has got an ingredient of Absinth it lacks the Aniseed flavour .
I tried a shot at first and it tasted quite sweet, I detected a hint of orange ??
It was warming but then came the slightly bitter aftertaste (due to the wormwood I'm guessing) which was different ....but not unpleasant .

I then tried mixing it with an Energy Drink ...the two went together really well complimenting each other nicely still had a kick to it from the Wormwood but was less noticeable .
As far as I'm aware it's only available to buy from a few online sites and quite reasonably priced at £20 for a 70cl bottle but hopefully it will end up in pubs, clubs and other licensed retaillers .
I think that Rotweisser will appeal to Jagermeister and Absinth drinkers ,
I enjoyed it alot and will definately buy it again in the future !!
Cheers !!


Rating : 9/10

For fans(drinkers) of : Jagermeister, Josef Meyeirs , Messerschmitt ,Absinth .



Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Gig Flyers