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Feline & Strange - Trigger Warning (Album Review)

Feline & Strange - Trigger Warning

02.Inappropriate Radio Apocalypse
04.Pretty Please
05.I Am An Iceberg A Secret
07.Castle In The Woods We´re Fucked
09.Restart From Zero Happy Little Island Dance
11.Another Dream The Last Show On Earth
13.Lobotomy Monster In The Dark
15.Night A Tea Party
17.Medusa One Of Us
19.Not A Man The Neighbours
21.Please Die Help
23.Can`t Breathe
25.Vanity Fair

Feline Lang (Vocals/Piano/Synths/Ukulele)
Christoph Klemke (Cello/Percussion)
Rah Hel (Drums)

Guest Musicians

Taylor KouqJ Bull (Bass/Upright/Hammer on stone)
Matt Miller (Tuba)
Mishkin Fitzgerald (Accordion)
Matthew Victor "Ghastly" Rogers (Additional Ukulele)
Sam Lee (Announcements)
Sam Lee, Julie Zakar, Cameron Ellis Lamberson, Taylor KouqJ Bull, Christoph Klemke, Rah Hell (Additional Vocals)

It is clear from the albums cover, seemingly more suited to Sunn 0))) or Ulver, that they a…

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