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Various Artists - Steampunk Records Sampler 1 (CD Review)

Steampunk Records Sampler 1
01.Victor and the Bully – Butterfly Effect 02.Professor Elemental & Tom Caruana – Mectoria 03.The Wattingers – Dead Man’s Hat 04.The Heaven and Hell Orchestra – The Bad Vision 05.BB Blackdog – Thousand Years 06.Off Limits – Calling Witchcraft 07.Aeronautica – Pech and Schwefel 08.Feline & Strange with Mishkin Fitzgerald – Cassandras Twin 09.Darwin Project – Run Red Run 10.Gurdybird – Papa Zulu 11.Capt Roswell & The Lost Alien Tribe – Alien Eye 12.LM Cooke Music – Moon Song 13.Miss Von Trapp - Do Your Gears Hang Low 14.Cabaret Berlin – Beautiful Berlin 15.The Big Fibbers – Steam Tramp Blues 16.Victor Sierra – El Mundo Superior 17.The Dark Design – Haggard Rider 18.Kiss Like Ether – Heaven Can Wait 19.Montague Jacques Fromage with Victor & The Bully – Walk A Little Lopside

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