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The visionaries of electronic music 1911 – 1966

The visionaries of electronic music 1911 – 1966

You could be forgiven in thinking that electronic music was something of a late 1960’s development and that it was The Beatles who in 1966 introduced the listener to multi tracking and other amazing recording techniques. By 1969 progressive rock and ambient music was beginning to make its mark, mainly from German bands like Tangerine Dream and Britain’s Pink Floyd. Space rock was a 70’s thing pioneered by Hawkwind and that Tubular Bells or was a marvel of advanced multi tracking and electronics. I had for a long time kind of bought into this whole idea that rock music went from blues to Elvis, The Beatles and then bugger all till the likes of Led Zeppelin and David Bowie came along.

Once you start to scratch the surface, you suddenly find yourself in the most amazing universe and discover that electronic, progressive, space, drone, doom; all these styles had been around decades before in some c…

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