Friday, 21 November 2008

CHAOSANCT - I Of Goliath EP (CD Review)

1. I Of Goliath
2. Dark Directions
3. Slither
4. The Mind Chamber

David R Kuchta - Vocals
James McIlroy - Guitar
Andrew Ongley - Guitar
Tilman Wolff-Moore - Bass
Matt C- Drums

Its going to be hard to review this ep without going on about the amazing vocals of Dave Kuchta a man who possessess a totally unique and outstanding style that will quickly gain this band major intrest.

So we start with the title track, heavy as you would expect from the Death Metal style,but with unexpected melody and a very catchy chorus,that said it is my least fave track,its just me tho, just a bit of the guitar i dont like thats all.

Track two is a pure delight opening with keyboards put together by James and Tilman this song has every element from metal to death composed with real care to create the near perfect song Dave's vocals surpass anything ive heard this year full stop, going from Burton C.Bell to Shagrath without pausing for breath,the song just moves so sweetly from melody to speed to death powered by solid drumming and great riffs.

Slither was my fave track up to now,it kicks big time starting off with a sample stating that "some say the world will end in fire" and if it did then this is its soundtrack,triggered drums power this song at full speed towards a wall of death :) once again Daves vocal arange simply astounds and the guitar work towards the end is top notch!

Finally we come to The Mind Chamber an atmospheric piece than features guest vocals from former Interlock singer Christina Gajny,the song itself has this wonderful little riff throughout that just holds it together perfectly.

These four songs show that Chaosanct dont want to do things thre same way as everybody else this cuts them a whole new genre of what we know as Death Metal,right now there is no one any where near this !
So you will want to get your hands on a copy of this go to or better still get one at their next gig.

Rating : 10/10

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

NEMHAIN - Ruskin Arms 15.11.08 (Gig Review)

Hi On Maiden
Cloven Hoof
Hanging Doll

Ruskin Arms 15.11.08

Well im back at the Ruskin, first time in nearly 24 years.
Last time i was there i was dj'ing with the Radio Amanda roadshow.
So here we are then the very last night as it's closing down and going to be turned into flats, many people were expecting Iron Maiden to show up - they didnt.

I arrived at the venue and saw a little bit of Hanging Doll a sort of goth type band with a guy on guitar doing great wednesday 13 impressions and a good female vocalist.

But i was there for Nemhain and they played one helluva set and the audience were treated to their best live performance this year.
They kicked off with 'From The Ashes' and then simply hammered their way through a stunning set.
Show stealers were the zep/sabbath tinged 'Clear My Eyes' and their brilliant cover of the Gits 'Second Skin'
Nothing went wrong, Lakis guitar and amp survived (mainly it must be said due to the fact that lakis was usuing james from Chaosanct's amp head and james set it up !).

I was standing next to Dave Sherwood from thrash band Virus who managed to headbang to every song even the slow ones! and kept shouting out for Speed Queen.
They definatley picked up a few new fans and entertained us old ones !

After their set i went upstairs with them and spent the rest of the evening talking,did hear Cloven Hoof though and boy can their singer do great King Diamond vocals.
On the way out i briefly caught Hi On Maiden, but i dont like tribute bands anyway, but more importantly if its not Dianno them im not really intrested.

The whole event was in aid of Clive Aid and i understand they made a fortune !


Wednesday, 19 November 2008


1.Twilight Zone
2.Viking Skull - Frostbite
3.Nemhain - Ana (2006 Version)
4.Pinhead Demons To Some
5.Amy Lawson - Forever
6.Never Take My Bunghole
7.Cathedral - Skullflower
8.De Profundis - Cease To Be
9.Derek & Clive On Jesus
10.Spitting Blood - Control The Weak
11.Stewie Okay
12.Nya - The Choir Invisible
13.Cavalar - Devils Country
14.Virus - Dont Get Mad
15.Derek & Clive - Got The Horn
16.Viking Skull - Doom Gloom Heartache N Whisky
17.Dirty Harry
18.Nemhain - Speed Queen (2006 Version)
19.King Lizard - Waterloo Ratz

Running Time - 62.00
Format - wma
Size - 43.1 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs

Here we go with number 5, and this time i've almost kept it to the hour !
Download and enjoy my usual mix of music, offensive comedy and soundbites.
As always support the bands and go to the gigs and if they have them buy the cd's from them.Also if the bands have tickets to sell, buy from them and not the venues or ticket agencys.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Upcoming Gigs with Nemhain,Chaosanct,Cavalar,King Lizard

Vintage Steel will make their debut supporting the excellent Cavalar.

King Lizard play their biggest show this year to promote their upcoming ep.Support comes from a reformed "For one night only" Love & Bullets featuring Lakis from Nemhain.

The mighty Chaosanct will bring their blend of melody and death metal to the nambucca,if you are lucky they may have their ep 'I Of Goliath' ready for sale.

Sad times as Nemhain play the last ever gig at the Ruskin Arms,but dont expect Iron Maiden to show up !
Nemhain should be on late afternoon,and will make history by being the last female fronted band to play there.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

DE PROFUNDIS - Beyond Redemption (CD Review)

1.In Contemplation Of Existence
2.Delusion Of Life
3.Nihilism Vortex
4.A Caustic Vexation
5.Into Eternity

Craig Land - Vocals
Roman Subbotin - Guitar
Alsksei Obradovic - Bass
Shoi Sengupta - Guitar
David Andrews - Drums

This is a classic example of what i mean when i say go to the gigs and buy from the band.I had never really heard of them, apart from the fact that James (Matron/Chaosanct) has played with them at a festival in europe, so when i saw them at the purple turtle for the first time it was an instant wow and yes they had their cd for sale, which i brought, have listened to and will now review (Even though it came out a year ago - maybe im not the only one who was in the dark about them?).

So what do you get for £8 ?..... 5 huge slabs of doom laden black metal coming in at 44 minutes!
Track one kicks off with a slow gothic intro which sounds like a slowed down version of the riff for Department S 'Is Vic There' then straight into wonderful doom in that traditional sabbath style but not sounding like sabbath, deathly vocals boom out of the speakers.

Delusion Of Life is more of the same but 7 minutes in there is some fantastic guitar work,while a lovely bassline introduces the next track which also allows vocalist Craig to do some great Shagrath styled screams.

The final track is a Maiden like instrumental which really needed to be longer, you just get into it then it finishes :(

Okay so they have new tracks on their myspace and are to begin recording a new album soon, but go get this now, its a classic!

Rating - 10/10

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Contact :


De Profundis
Spitting Blood
Just One Fix

Purple Turtle 02.11.08

Just One Fix
I came in as they were about half way through their set, music seemed okay, it has that duh duh sound that Beavis & Butthead loved, great to bang your head too if your not drinking.

Spitting Blood
The reason i am here tonight :)
On cd they are a very drum heavy band with aggressive vocals but live it's a different monster all together.
To start with what you get here is a band totally together and very relaxed, bassist Tillman and vocalist Dave constantly joking with each other and the audience (Packed i might add!) and new female vocalist settling in well after only a couple of gigs.
So we are treated to set of revamped album tunes delivered at high speed with dual vocals that would give Angela Gosgow a heart attack from Clara and Dave could wake the dead !
The drum work from Reuben is amazing and the shredding level from guitarist Jamie is at the top.
Go see them if you get a chance i highly recommend them.

I'll be honest here, i didnt see much of them at all, as i was outside smoking and drinking,I caught one song and it sounded fine.

De Profundis
Well they were new to me, yes i know they have been around for awhile, and boy was i impressed with their black metal doom.It was all new to me but apart from some album tracks they threw in a couple of new songs which are up on their myspace and a brand new untitled song which someone in the audience helpfully named "Gerald" (Hi Gray !).
These guys are seriously good, nice long songs full of doom and death with lots of timing changes, a British Opeth ?
I felt sorry for the band as at 11 pm most of the audience left, as the last train from Camden is 11:15 the vocalist even apoligised to the fans left behind.It really is about time that Mayor Boris "Bendy-Bus" Johnson sorted this out!!!!

Just One fix
Spitting Blood

De Profundis

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

NEMHAIN,LAURA LONDON,SOPHIE - Live @ The BIg Red 31.10.08 (Gig Review)

Laura London

The perfect way to return to the stage covered in blood on halloween !
Its been a very busy year for the band with the recording of the debut album and Adrian's huge touring commitments with At The Gates, so this is in fact only their second gig of the year in the uk !

The evening kicks off with Sophie's fire eating and angle grinding act, some of you may remember her from Nemhains "Ana" video.Its impressive stuff i tell you !
Next up was magician Laura London who did unpleasent things to bananas, cucumbers and Amber!

Nemhain took to the stage soon after and kicked off with From The Ashes,the title track from the forthcoming album due jan/feb 09.The sabbathesque 'Clear My Eyes'once again proves to be a stand out track with much jumping around in the audience, followed up by their killer version of the misfits Die Die My Darling, the big red erupted !

New song Jane Doe #1 finally gets a proper live outing complete with Lisa's lemmy like backing vocals.

Now it wouldnt be a Nemhain gig without a hitch and todays hitch came from Lakis amp head,but this time a spare had been lined up and with the help of James (Chaosanct) the problem was rectified and it was a very loud version of the gits 'Second Skin' that we were treated too. This is the first time that the song has ever been performed live.

The set ended with Speed Queen, Nemhain may have been up against numerous other club nights and the wednesday 13 gig with many of their fans elsewhere,but tonight they won over a new audience,gained new fans and impressed the old fans with a fresh set and heavier sound.