Friday, 19 December 2014

Nangilima - The Dark Matter (CD Review)

01.Chemin Vers Le Neant
02.Stain Of A Broken Life
03.Crimson Shroud
04.The Link Of Reminiscence
05.The Dark Matter
06.Éternel Sommeil

Emilio (Vocals)
Nikolay (Guitar/Bass/Keyboards)
Khalvst Ov Mhurn (Keyboards/Drums)

Swedish doom band founded in January 2013 by Emilio (Ov Mhurn) and former member C.L (Eskapi).

'The Dark Matter' is their first album and is a concept based on a man who has learned that in a years time, he will no longer be around on this earth.
Heavily overwhelmed, he embarks on a mental journey, facing so many emotions that invade and corrode him. The album will go through four stages of emotion: Sorrow, rage, reminiscence, and finally, acceptance.

Starting with a piano driven, almost classical opening we then get four long well executed slabs of symphonic doom, the emphasis being on the symphonic, lots of beautiful keyboards and synths and some great guitar playing, not your ususal doom laden heavy drums and powerchord stuff, sure the vocals are the gruff style you tend to get these days, but overall it all creates a huge sound.
The final piece returns to the straight keyboard classical sound.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: November's Doom, Swallow the Sun, Saturnus, Grey Skies Fallen.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fleshworld, Gazers, Viscera - 3 Way Split (CD Review)

01.Fleshworld - Krąg                                               
02.Fleshworld - Petla
03.Fleshworld - Rezygnacja
04.Gazers - Rash
05.Gazers - The Decline
06.Gazers - Epilogue
07.Viscera/// - Versus
08.Viscera/// - Nobody's Diary

Unquiet Records present a unique limited edition (300 copies) 3 way split cd, each disc is handmade and comes in a special canvas sleeve, the label like to focus on werid, dark and heavy music.

Up first is Fleshworld, they are a "post-metal" band from Poland formed in 2010.
'Krag' may have shouty vocals, but the music is quite progressive and the use of a spoken sample works well.
'Petla' has a very quiet start before a huge bassline kicks in over the drums, the song remains rhythmic, only the overly agresssive vocals fit their chosen genre.
Guest vocals on 'Rezygnacja' by Alex and Victor from The Moth Gatherer means we get 3 people shouting over 9 minutes of slow, rhythmic and well executed music.


Next come Gazers the "post-hardcore/Screamo" band from France formed in 2012.
3 tracks of utter rubbish, pointless timing changes and endless screaming, no melody, no thought, just a noise.


Viscera/// describe themselves as "Psychedelic metal" and hail from Italy and formed way back in 2000.
'Versus' sounds more like a black metal song than "psychedelic", at times its slow and doom laden funeral doom over an evil sounding vocal, add to this blast beats and heavy riffs.
'Nobodys Diary' is a cover of a song by Yazoo, while the music is more mainstream and has a clean vocal to start with it then moves into the same black metal style, awesome!

For Fans Of: Isis, Envy, Norma Jean, Neurosis, Converge, Deathspell Omega

Monday, 15 December 2014

2014 Review

Been a good year for music, nice to see Slipknot back (Though yet to hear the album!), mind you have yet to hear the new At the Gates as well.
In terms of reviews this year been well over 100 sent to me, the best since 2009.

So here is my top ten albums and one EP.











And the EP is                                                   KEMAKIL

Music videos, not been that many this year that have made much impact on me, but a couple do stand out.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tales From The Attic - Another Fairytale (CD Review)

01.The Chills
03.Baby Gone Wild
04.When You Realise
05.Dearest Child
06.Another Fairytale

Christian 'Hank' Van Alstine (Guitar)
Simon Laursen (Guitar)
Jesper Wennevold (Bass)
Frederik Weile (Drums)
Emily Stavis (Vocals)

Tales from the Attic are a Danish rock band formed in 2010 originally called ‘Coffee Jam’.
Then the band started to develop a lot and now make its own tales and music. The sound is influenced by various genres of rock music due to the different musical styles of the band members, and together they balance between hard and soft, raw and sweet.

'The Chills' starts with some feedback then this odd little riff, when the rest of the band join in the song starts to take shape, a nice simple little pop rock song with a quirky vocal, but as the song progresses it starts to build up speed and turns into a great rock song, some great raw drumming really drives this along.

A different sound for 'Trashy' with its old school rock n roll drumming mixed with a modern punk vibe, song ends with a riff heavy over the top guitar solo.

'Baby Gone Wild' could almost be a mid 1970's heavy blues song, but this one keeps it feet well and truely in the now.

Strange but catchy vocal sounds give this song 'When You Realise' a real edge, the song itself is borderline modern symphonic rock, but somehow manages to have an indie/alt feel at the same time.

I do so hate soft rock ballads, so this one is not looking good at the moment, 'Dearest Child' is typical of the song genre, slow guitar, heart felt vocals and laid back drumming and yep three minutes in comes the epic guitar solo and then its back to the same to the end.

But seems the best is saved for last with 'Another Fairytale', full on hard rock, solid vocals, furious drumming and riffing all held together by a hard bass line, throw in another guitar solo and we end on a high.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: In This Moment, Oath, Gasoline Thrill, Auf Der Maur, Theatre Of Tragedy

Friday, 12 December 2014

Slup - Dramatorgie (CD Review)

01.Kamasutra Prasat
02.Prst v klade
03.Stetka A Nater
04.Co Nekvete, To Nas Nesmete
05.S Mrtvolou V Mrazaku
06.Hoven Se Nezbavis
08.Mara Vyjezd
09.Husi Kuzicka
10.Nemel Sracky
11.Viva Lila
12.Chumeli krev Holubi

Jony (Drums)
Mira (vocals)
Mara (Guitar)

Second CD for the guttural groovy goregrind band from Czech Republic, with members from High Purity & ex. Mincing Fury.

Strange start for the first song with almost techno dance rhythms being knocked out, then of course the grind crashes in with its combination of blast beats, death grunts and slightly slower bits, all with a definate groove!

Next song is more in the thrash/groove style with some pig squeals thrown in.
Number three, is slower paced, almost crust/doom in delivery, after that its back to the grind!

Right so not a lot to say here really, apart from i dont understand the song titles and its sung in their native tongue, but the vibe is right so that dont matter, if this is your kinda thing then add this one to your collection.

Rating 7/10
For fans of:DEOAG, Spasm, Jig-Ai, Anal Cunt, Gut

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Premortal Breath - They (CD Review)

01.Your Ruin
02.Into The Light
03.Fuck My Brain
08.Bloody Baby Shower

Thomas Pettrich (Drums)
Sebastian Herbold (Guitar)
Tobias Eymer (Guitar)
Dominik Eymer (Bass)
Thomas Greulich (Vocals)

Formed in Germany in 2010 Tommy and Potti, they wanted to start a fresh-sounding, heavy, yet melodic metal band and the idea of Premortal Breath was born.

Still missing guitarists and a bassist, the two started their quest for fellow musicians. A first line-up was complemented by Armin (guitar) and Tobias (bass) and started working on new songs right away. In October 2010 the bunch entered the Beat-House Studio in Rauenberg/Germany where they recorded two of their songs (Mind over matter/Your ruin).

Still lacking a second guitarist Tobias switched from bass to guitar, a wise decision, as shortly after guitarist Armin left the band due to personal issues. Luckily a new bassist was found quite easily in Sebastian. Without intermission they continued to rehearse and push their songwriting, while looking for a second guitarist. Innumerable, fruitless auditions later guitarist David joined the band, being the missing piece. But shortly after the bands line-up changed once again, David left the band to pursue his own musical ideas.
The band being fed up with auditions Sebastian stepped up to the challenge and filled in as second guitarist. Recruiting a bassist was kind of a no-brainer, as first applicant Dominik convincedon all levels.
In 2014 they recorded this debut album in the “Logischdenker” recording studio that also mixed and mastered the songs.

'Your Ruin' kicks off with a mid paced almost sludgey sounding, thrash influenced, song.
Vocals are a tad harsh in places but they carry the song well enough.

A slightly more melodic guitar sound leads us 'Into The Light', excellent raw bass sound cuts through the mix well, nice solid drums hold it all together and the vocals are a good blend of harsh and melodic.

You know for some reason musicaly this next song, 'Fuck My Brain' reminds me of those early bay area thrash bands, this one has some heavy as hell riffs lurking, yet the whole song retains a great overall melodic feel and as the song ends it has some great headbanging thrash sounds.

'Pain' is quite a straight forward song, but then 'They' ups the level again, starts with some jazzy intro then moves into a more thrash sound, throw in a couple of timing changes and a big melodic chorus and another outstanding track.

'Pleasure' is a mid tempo rocker, good dual vocal delivery works well.The only thing missing from this song was a guitar solo, felt this one could have done with that.

Nice opening guitar and bass could be leading 'Trapped' into a heavy ballad perhaps?
Well no, but this one anages to stay heavy without adding any real speed, so sort of slow and melodic, but heavy and with a great catchy riff running throughout.

Finally 'Bloody Baby Shower', with a title like that might expect a little grindcore, didn't get it but that said this one is a very heavy almost technical metal sounding drum driven piece, one thing though the sample of the baby crying sounding like a lamb!

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Head On, Viking Skull, Hatebreed, Chimera, Lamb Of God

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Atrum Tempestas - Neant (CD Review)

01.Quitter Ceux qui Etaient Deja Partis
03.Et Apres...Le Neant

Perttunen (Vocals/Instruments)
Kylmäaho (Vocals/Instruments)

Finnish duo formed the band in 2007 to create atmospheric black metal, Perttunen is also vocalist with another Finnish band 'Catamenia'

'Quitter Ceux qui Etaient Deja Partis' certainly has a mix of styles, starting with some near gothic guitar playing over a solid slow drum beat, it then changes to a much more melodic and laid back piece, then a bit of doom and then finally its all mixed together for some more obvious black metal complete with growl vocals.

Track two is 'S'eclipser' is more slow funeral doom than black metal, when not doing the growl vocal the clean vocal is borderline old school goth style.
When the music picks up a little speed it definatley gets that Triptykon vibe going.

Finally 'Et Apres...Le Neant' on this all too short album (should have been billed as an EP??).Pretty much same as before almost typical of the genre, cant help but think that with 11 minutes you could do more.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: Wolves In The Throne Room, Triptykon, Alcest

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Humiliation - Battalion (CD Review)

01.The Malayan Emergency
02.Post Aftermath
03.Liberated Area
04.No Land Rights To Speak Of
05.The Killing Campaign
08.War Path
10.Baling Talks
11.Restless Fight

Bear Bee (Vocals)
Mudon (Drums)
Afe (Bass)
Asraf (Guitar)
Matt (Guitar)

Formed in may 2009 and based in Kuala Lumpur and play Old Skool Death Metal that is influenced by bands such as Benediction and Bolt Thrower.

In November 2009 they released their first EP “Face The Disaster” a year later they released the album “Dawn Of Warfare”.

After playing a few gigs before they got an offer to release a vinyl EP "Brink Of Defeat" while waiting for it's release they entered the studio one more time in March 2011 to start work on their second album, later released as "Seek To Survive".

After some line up changes and more gigs a thrid album was released called "From Strength To Strength".

Opening track is an intro, so i will ignore that and get straight to the sngs.
What we have is ten solid metal songs, to my ears its more chugging thrash metal with death metal vocals, than the overall old school death metal i was expecting.

Lots of rhythmic pounding drums and riffs, certainly elements of early death metal and not the frantic modern style.

Its okay, but nothing to get over excited about.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Morbid Angel, Deicide

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Infestum - Monuments Of Exalted (CD Review)

01.Void Of Nebulae
02.Ordo Infestum
03.Iron Hammer Upon The Skull Of Slave
04.Temple Of Mirrors
05.The Art Of The Beast
06.The Evil One
07.Zero Beyond
08.Obsidian Exile
10.Monuments Of Exalted

Bonus Tracks
11.Renaissance (Displacer Remix)
12.Renaissance (Sunao Inami Remix)

Ion The Saint (Vocals)
Wrathtodd (Guitars/Keyboards)
Werwolfe (Bass)
Forneus (Drums)

Mono Son (Piano on tracks 5 and 6)

Infestum was formed in Belarus in June 2000 by Grond as drummer and Skald as guitarist. Afterwards, Ion joined on vocals and Thorngrim joined on bass. With this line-up, Infestum started to create their music in the style of Mayhem, Venom, and Bathory.

In spring 2001 they started to play concerts actively. But in October the same year, Grond got injured and was not able to play in the band anymore. He was replaced by Burglar, who played in Morbid Victory at that time.

They then recorded a full-length album, which was called "Last Day Before the Endless Night".

In 2003 they started work on a new album "Ta Natas", eventually released in 2007 just as Skald left the band.By 2009 A\Vesh and Burglar left the band.
Guitarist Wrathtodd, a friend of the band, joined and later Forneus replaced Grond.
In 2010 they released the internet single "Void of Nebulae" and later the EP "Renaissance".

Okay i was not expecting this at all!
'Void Of Nebulae' starts with a quiet synth and then blasts into some of the best industrial black metal i have heard for years, the synth sound is just fucking awesome, the whole song is driven by some stunning and powerful drumming, riffs and some deathly screams.

‘Ordo Infestum’ contains lyrics contains some excerpts from of ‘Liber Novus’ book (‘The Incantations’ Chapter) also known as ‘The Red Book’, written by Carl Gustav Jung.
Another synth start into more of the same except this one is a little slower and darker in delivery.

Again some great use of keyboards with 'Iron Hammer Upon The Skull Of Slave' then comes 'Temple Of Mirrors' a slower almost gothic metal song.
A pounding stop/start style of drums, powerchord driven and simple keyboards, another stunning track!

'The Art Of The Beast' is just a 2 minute piano instrumental, surprisingly atmospheric, the piano sound is then carried through to quite an unexpected cover version of Venom's 'Evil One', proving that Venom's agressive style can be turned into near symphonic black metal when in the hands of talented musicians.

Up next is 'Zero Beyond' with an opening spoken sample then all hell is let loose with a full on drum lead onslaught!

The pace slows with 'Obsidian Exile' a dark and brooding near doom song until the speed picks up towards the end.

With some weird synth playing comes 'Renaissance', a "Dimmu" styled song, again with some great keyboard work in the mix.

The final track is ‘Monuments of Exalted’ lyrics are drawn from ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra’ book written by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.
Another near doom delivery laden with furious double pedal work and melodic keyboards.

Now to the bonus tracks, two versions of 'Renaissance', the first one is the 'Displacer Remix' very typical of Industrial remixes full of drum machines and synth pulses, with elements of the original song still intact.
The next remix is 'Sunao Inami', more akin to the EDM style of Skrillex and quite ambient but has nothing in common with the original version at all, more glo-sticks than headbanging.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Dimmu Borgir, Aborym, Blut Aus Nord