Monday, 29 July 2013

Ohrenfeindt - Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst (CD Review)

OHRENFEINDT’s 5th studio-album will be released on August 30th by AFM Records - and they wouldn't be OHRENFEINDT if they wouldn't choose a title that has a clear announcement: „Auf die Fresse ist umsonst“ (roughly translated with "to be beaten up is for free".

Band mastermind Chris Laut has again taken many stories from daily life, and transformed them ruthless and directly into hit songs. Life is not easy, but the guys from St. Pauli don´t cry out in politically correct way. They make clear that even though everyone has to bear a burden, that doesn´t mean that you have other let to piss on your parade. And with that attitude they must be right because with every album they get more and more successful. For quite a long time OHRENFEINDT is a well known band in the German Rock scene and the Kiez-trio’s success (steadily increasing fan-following, sold out live shows and chart entries) are results from their own work solely - without a major support, money or big media hype.

OHRENFEINDT are tough and trouble is normal for them but while working on „Auf die Fresse ist umsonst“ Flash Ostrock and Dennis Henning left the band after years of deep friendship. "A band is like a marriage but with more members and less body contact." says Chris Laut. "But also after many successful years the opinions which way to go next diverge at times. And that happened now." But even if Dennis and Flash go their own ways now, they remain friends. "You should not forget that Rock’n’Roll is a big family", the band leader adds. And

Guests of the scene contributing to the album are ex-OHRENFEINDT drummer Stefan Lehmann (now bashing the skins for Torfrock), Micky Wolf (ex-Rudolf Rock & die Schocker, ex-Brixton Boogie, now Van Wolfen), Bastian Wulff (Loui Vetton) Henny Wolter (ex-Thunderhead, ex-Primal Fear, now Nitrogods) and Jörg Sander (Panik-Orchester).

No matter if you understand the band’s lyrics in German language as bands like Rammstein managed to break through with little problems.

Basically its a homage to Ac/Dc with a bit of Rose Tattoo thrown in.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : Ac/Dc, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne, 77

Hellion Rising - Hellion Rising (CD Review)

01.Heavy With A Groove
02.1940 Scream!
03.Would You Suffer?

Matt Adamson (Vocals)
Davey Reay (Guitars)
Giovanni Camillo (Guitars)
Shaun Dixon (Bass)
Chris Mcleod (Drums)

Formed in early 2012, Newcastle band Hellion Rising set out to make their mark across the UK, quickly building up a soild reputation and noted for being loud and energetic.

Hellion Rising combine their love for classic heavy metal, with modern groove filled licks to produce their own style.

They have recently supported former Ac/Dc singer Dave Evans and have produced their own EP.

Opening with 'Heavy With A Groove' you might say it does exactley what it says on the label :-)
A great vocal performance is backed by solid drumming and some serious riffs, stunning guitar solo thrown in, this has a real "vibe" and definatley one to bang your head to.

The oddly titled '1940 Scream!' reminds me of early Soundgarden, part grunge part doom and 100% metal, slow and moody.

Man that singer Matt has a huge voice, really comes across on 'Would You Suffer?' and the music is arranged perfectly, this song just rocks from beginning to end.

Great ep from a talented bunch of guys who understand what Heavy Metal music should be.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Soundgarden, Pantera, Viking Skull


Primitive Man - Scorn (CD Review)

Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man was formed in February of 2012 by Ethan Lee McCarthy, Jonathan Campos, and Bennet Kennedy (current and former members of Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher).

In October of 2012 they recorded their debut LP "Scorn" at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt, Catheter, CTTTOAFF). Scorn was released a collaboration between Throatruiner and Mordgrimm Records. After the release of "Scorn" the band parted ways with Kennedy and recruited Isidro "Spy" Soto to take over on drums. The band also self-released a three-song EP in February titled P/M.

They have now unleashed a filthy, malignant maelstrom of blackened doom on their debut album ‘SCORN’.
Thrillingly misanthropic in their approach, PRIMITIVE MAN drench their post-apocalyptic vision of the world in waves of feedback, pummeling guitars and hopelessly frightening vocals.  If a bright end of summer record is what you’re in need of, run as fast as you can from 'Scorn', this is grade-a hateful, soul-annihilating music of the darkest order.

Above are the words from the record company info sheet sent to me, and well you know what they can be like sometimes but i have to say this : Fucking fuck!!! this is so heavy! seriously this is some of the most evil sounding doom laden metal i have heard for many many years!

The first track 'Scorn' is 12 minutes of downtuned, gutteral screaming, mental drumming and chest exploding bass work!

It never lets up for one second track after track then comes 'I Cant Forget' a weird distorted atmospheric nightmare blacker than mst black metal bands could ever imagine, more weirdness with 'Black Smoke' and the rest just a relentless onslaught of pure power!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Cephalic Carnage, Cathedral, Jesu, Sunn O))), Electric Wizard

Monster Magnet UK Tour Dates and Album info


The band has confirmed the release date for their new album entitled Last Patrol via Napalm Records on October 21st in the UK on Napalm Records.

They have now unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for Last Patrol.

I Live Behind the Clouds
Last Patrol
Three King Fishers
Mindless Ones
The Duke
End of Time
Stay Tuned

Furthermore the first song from Last Patrol is receiving its exclusive premiere.

Check out the song entitled “The Duke”:

Catch Monster Magnet in the UK though only 2 dates confirmed so far for august :

4th  BRISTOL – Bierkeller
5th  BRIGHTON – Concorde 2

Saturday, 27 July 2013

RED JESTER, HAMMERJACK, HELLION RISING. Live At The Hallcross 26.07.13 (Gig Review)


The Hallcross, Doncaster 26.07.13

Travelling down from Newcastle to bring their sludge/Groove Metal sounds i was immediately struck over the head by a huge wall of sound reminescent of early Soundgarden/Down/Melvins all kept at a solid pace by some amazing drum work, man that guy totally killed that poor little mapex kit!
Great guitar work, pounding bass and a great singer who paced the stage with clear enthusiam for every second.


Hailing from London and intent on bringing the party to the venue, their classic rock style got the girls dancing, whilst the more blues influenced songs were for us blokes to nod our heads to.
Got to mention their lead guitarist, some stunning solo's in the Kossoff style, overall a great set.

First off any band who open their set with a song dedicated to my wife is gonna get the thumbs up from me, the song in question "She Devil" was the perfect start to an outstanding live performance.
The energy these guys put over is breathtaking, none of them stood still for more than a few seconds, hell even Drummer Matt kept standing up whilst retaining the beats and a huge smile!
Guitarist Dan jumped and span round, whilst bassist Darren ran up and down the stage, Singer Jim made good use of his space as well at times reminding me of Damon Albarn and Ricky Wilson.

2 new songs were performed alongside live fave's 'Dirty Lovin' and 'Nasty', listed on their set list is 'Sweet Spunk' this turns out to be a clever song amde up of White Stripes Seven Nation Army, Eurythmics Sweet Dreams and Pink Floyds Another Brick In The Wall, 3 songs that you wouldnt think go together yet their clever arrangement made one fine song.

With the crowd moving forward even more the band picked up the pace with more great songs, getting everyone involved, i didnt think the metallica/nirvana mix worked so well but everyone enjoyed it.

The stand out song tonight for me was 'The Rain' a brilliant performance for a very strong "Rock Ballad" that builds with an anthemic chorus.

Having said goodnight and thankyou the band were not allowed to leave the stage until they had played another song, they chose the hard rockin almost Motorhead like song 'Punching Bag'.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tank - Breath Of The Pit (CD Review)

01.Breath Of The Pit
03.Kill Or Be Killed
04.Healing The Wounds Of War
05.Stalingrad (Time Is Blood)
07.Crawl Back Into Your Hole
09.Conflict Primeval
10.Circle Of Willis

Algy Ward (Vocals/All Instruments)

Tank were formed in 1980 by Algy Ward, a former member of The Saints and The Damned, often compared to Motörhead as both bands, trios fronted by singing bassists, played a loose, almost punk-styled metal music.

The 1982 debut Filth Hounds Of Hades is to this day one of the greatest modern Heavy Metal albums of all time, they continued on until 1989 then Ward reformed with a new band in 1997 there followed a new album later and another was planned in 2006 (though this never arrived), then in 2008 Ward was removed from his own band and replaced by former Rainbow vocalist Doogie White leaning towards a more melodic sound.

Ill health issues kept Ward away from the music scene and was no doubt more than a little upset that his band was still going without him and using the name.

However last year Ward planned his return and not surprisingly chose to use his bands name, what is odd though is that he chose to record an album on his own with no other musicians involved.This never stopped Casey Chaos creating the 'Amen' legacy!

So now its here the new Tank album, time to hit play!

Distortion greets the opening track 'Breath Of The Pit' followed by that "Classic Tank Sound" full on drum and punchy riffs, then that voice kicks in, its like nothings changed since 1980!
This pace continues for 'T-34' and 'Kill Or Be Killed' and so far all is well, but the next song 'Healing The Wounds Of War' is the first to show the limitations of a drum machine, considering the quality of guitar and vocal work this track would have benefited from use of the drum programme known as "DKFH" that was co created by Tomas Haake of Meshugga.

Next track 'Stalingrad (Time Is Blood) sounds like The Ruts on speed!, a snarling in your face punk rocker.

'Victim' sounds like everything was turned up to 100 on the amp, distorted guitar overkill, a great song only slightly spoilt by the tinny hi-hat sound.

Now 'Crawl Back Into Your Hole' is a moody rocker written from the heart about the old band members carrying on without him and using his bands name, angry to say the least but very well written.

'Retribution' is full on old school Tank meets Motorhead, fast paced and heavy as hell.

Some intresting timing patterns on the drum machine help drive 'Conflict Primeval' at a solid pace, its one of those songs that you just nod your head to.

Finally the strangley titled 'Circle Of Willis' has a bluesy intro that just keeps going into some excellent guitar playing, almost (and im gonna say it) like Dave Gilmore back in his heyday, a great instrumental to end the album.Though whats with that phone call at the end and who was calling Algy??

So what do we make of all this then? well dear reader its a fantastic solo album, sure there are a couple of issues with the drum machine, but we can easily forget that.This is quality and its 100% TANK!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Motorhead, Warfare, Venom, Amen, Scum, Ravens Creed, Kvelertak


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Deap Vally - Sistrionix (CD Review)

 Deap Vally formed in 2011 and is made up of Lindsey Troy and of Julie Edwards who come from San Fernando Valley, California. Edwards was a member of The Pity Party, while Troy was performing in Los Angeles as a solo artist.The duo first met at a needlework class where Edwards taught Troy how to crochet and they bonded over their love of the blues.
Deap Vally have since been described as "a scuzzy White Stripes-meets Led Zeppelin rock and roll duo".

They have played several times in the UK in 2012 including Latitude and Reading Festival.
In July 2012 they released their first single ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’.
November 2012 they supported The Vaccines on their UK tour. They opened for Muse on their december euro tour.
In May 2013 they appeared on BBC2's Later With Jools Holland and just played the Glastonbury festival.

This debut album has 11, stripped down, raw, garage punk, grunge tinged blues rock.
Pure Detroit 69, its MC5, Stooges in spirit with added New York punk and very much White Stripes meets the Gossip in reality.

Nothing else to say, its great go buy it!

RATING 10/10
FOR FANS OF : White Stripes, Hives, The Gossip, Detroit Cobras