Friday, 29 November 2013

Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP (CD Review)

Self titled 'Slack Metal' band formed in 2010 return with a new four-track EP, THINKERS. The EP follows on from their 'Tye Die Tapes' release, We're So Heavy back in May 2012.

Along with a fistful of new songs, Heather and Matty instigated another line up change, with the addition of Mazes' Neil Robinson on drums. The band maintains a fiercely DIY ethic and the past year have performed across the UK and Europe with bands including Mission of Burma and The Thermals.

Opening song 'Thinkers' sounds like L7 back in their SubPop days, its a raw guitar driven, grungey mix with riotgrrrl attitude.

'Total Block' is a distorted faced paced fuzz monster, simplistic in delivery like a classic 3 chord Ramones song.

The weirdly titled 'Biennal Drool' is the first to not feature Heather on vocals, the song is reminiscent of the post punk sounds of Buzzcocks and even a touch of Joy Division.

Finally 'Nightlife' sticks with that new wave vibe, the vocals are full of harmony and the music flows wiyhut becoming complicated.

Neat little ep, good old "DIY" ethics creating good easy to listen too sounds.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : L7, Hole, Buzzcocks, Throwing Muses, Sonic Youth

Friday, 22 November 2013

Red Jester - Nasty (NEW PROMO VIDEO)

Red Jester have just released a promo video for the song 'NASTY' as featured on the front cover cd of this months Classic Rock AOR magazine.
A strong hard rocking number with some slightly rude lyrics! that even got the attention of legendary music journalist Xavier Russell who also gave them a 7/10 review for their album.

Aside from the gig advertised above they have just been announced for the all day music festival to be held at the Leopard venue in doncaster.
More information here :

News from the band is that they are recording a new EP for release early next year and also plan a new promotional video to be shot on location somewhere in Yorkshire!

Copies of the album are available from the band, contact them via facebook :

Official Website :


Crystal Viper - Possession (CD Review)

01.Zeta Reticuli
02.Voices In My Head
03.Julia Is Possessed
04.Fight Evil With Evil
05.Mark Of The Horned One
06.Why Can't You Listen?
07.You Will Die You Will Burn
08.We Are Many
09.Prophet Of The End

Marta Gabriel (vocals/Guitar)
Andy Wave (Guitar)
Golem (Drums)
Michal Badocha (Bass)

Polish heavy metal band formed in 2003, was the vision of guitarist, singer and composrer Marta Gabriel.

This is their fifth release and is a concept album about young girl named Julia, where the movie-like story gets an unexpected twist.

The recording of this also includes contributions from 50 of their most loyal fans who added screams to be used in various songs, also the song 'Fight Evil With Evil'(recently released as a limited edition vinyl single) features legendary American singer Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer), while 'Julia Is Possessed' we can hear growling voice of Sataniac, vocalist of the German Black/Thrash Metal act Desaster.

The also pay homage to one of their influences with a cover of 'Thundersteel' originally recorded by Riot.

A solid album of classic 80's sounding euro metal, have to pick out 'Prophet Of The End' a great symphonic rocker full of melodic vocals and layered backing vocals.

Epic solo's, solid drumming all go to create an album of anthemic metal, surprisingly at times more Nightwish than Warlock.

Rating 8/10
For fans Of : Helloween, Dio, Warlock/Doro, Nightwish, Sister Sin

Friday, 8 November 2013

Black Messiah - Heimweh (CD Review)

01.Symphonia Pagana
02.In The Name Of Ancient Gods
05.Edmund von Ostanglien
08.Die Quelle Der Weisheit

Zagan (vocals/Guitar/violin)
Frangus (Guitar)
Meldric (Guitar)
Garm (Bass)
Agnar (keyboards)
Brooh (Drums)

Formed in 1992 in Germany, the band began with a tradition Black Metal style, their debut album "Spectres Of Black Knowledge" in 1998, however started to display a more refined sound drawing on folk/pagan influences which is the direction they continued with.

A stunning female vocal harmony greets the opening piece 'Symphonia Pagana' with some very atmospheic orchestration this leads us into 'In The Name Of Ancient Gods' a drum driven fast paced song that clearly displays the Black Metal influence both with the vocals overall feel to music.

The next song is in their native german, once upon a time that would have been a problem but thanks to Rammstein we have got used to it, but this is mucher darker!

'Wildsau' has a traditional folk vibe with flutes and accordian, a real happy drinking song, well sounds like it then it it goes into some black metal riffery and demonic vocals before returning to tradition, a little more black metal and then finally some squealing pigs!!

Do i detect Diamond Heads Am I Evil riff on 'Edmund Von Ostanglien' followed by Thin Lizzy's Emerald, well yes i do but thats a good thing because its used to perfection in creating an atmospheric song with a deep almost crooner like vocal delivery.

After the heavy sound of 'Nidhogg' we are then treated to a really beautiful folk ballad called 'Heimweh', again there is a fantastic female backing vocal and an emotional violin solo.
If you are a fan of classic folk rock and know the song Lady Margaret performed by the Trees then this would sit very nicley next to it.

It all ends with an 8 minute mini epic, starting acoustic guitar and then moving into heavy but melodic sounds with subtle keyboards, bells and other instrumentation all thrown in the mix and used to perfection.

A brilliant album one that blows away the recent offering from Turisas and rivals even Amon Amarth!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Turisas, Blood Ceremony, Amon Amarth, Imperium Dekadenz, Cradle Of Filth