Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Metal Tank Records signs PANIKK!

The Slovenian Bay-area thrash metal maniacs hearing under the name of Panikk inked a deal with Metal Tank Records that will release their upcoming album entitled Unbearable Conditions. Panikk as the name suggests for something fast, mind-blowing and erratically blood-pumping metal put simply as THRASH!

Band comment about the upcoming release: “We went into DYZ Sonic Temple Studio in March to record a debut album Unbearable Conditions under the surveillance of producer Dyz. We’re pumped with thrash that is energetic and tight sounding and so is our music which doesn’t give a fuck of todays trends. We wrote 6 songs anew and took 2 songs off of demo rearranged them and made them even better. We invited along two friends Domen Justin (Dyz) and Tim Draksler who contributed a few solos.”


Saturday, 28 July 2012






Horror has a new name: VOLKSMETAL! And this name has turned into a program: If metal crashes into folk music,
you will have a mix of infernal Bavarians on accordion and tuba, son of a bitches flailing on guitars, bass and drums.
When the six cheeky devils of VOLKSMETAL get together, nothing is holy
anymore: Time to sway to metal and to head‐bang to folk music.
Mäddelbänger is an insane mixture of double bass, metal guitars and 3/4 rhythm refrain. With this mixture they
show how it's done and with their cover version of the cult classic "Fürstenfeld" they demonstrate what a real folk
heavy metal band understands with being brutally homesick. Together with 7 other own songs and 2 other cover
versions these two tracks will suitably be released during the beer garden season. The album "VOLKSMETAL" has
been produced by Achim Lindermeir (Die Happy, Itchy Poopzkid, Benzin...) and will be released on Premium Records
(Soulfood Music). Naturally Volksmetal will show themselves at all important festivals and they will also show
everyone what the proper meaning of music is ( incl. Wacken Open Air, Queens Of Metal...). There's booze for
everyone and no one will be left out...

How did you get to the infernal summit of metal and folk music? This is the way it happened....
Marco and Patrick coincidentally met one morning, during a forest walk near the the island Mainau while picking
flowers. The live preparations of the summer festival of the folk musicians were running at their fullest. The show is
presented by an unknown talent Florian Goldstahl who still remains an unknown talent. He invited both full blooded
metal heads without further ado to the evening. Two metal heads meet four traditional folk musicians, Botze,
Martin, Christian and Christian. Immediately they recognize the tender soul relationship between metal and folk
music which is not least based on the common admiration of holy beer.
Voilà: The birth of VOLKSMETAL, the most natural connection to the world! Are you surprised that the six fellows
are expelled after a little while because of common denigration of the Bavarian customs and traditions by the dress
rehearsal. What a successful recipe! Four Ruppaner‐Urweisse later they arrange Marco's songs for the first
Longplayer "VOLKSMETAL". The rest is history, according to the purity requirement. Reaching the magnificent third
spot at the promising competition "Open See2011" and five appearances on the Summer Breeze Festival
2011 where Soulfood Music is inspired by the likeable freak's show from leather trousers and metal fun right away.
And now the buzz goes off properly! This is for sure: we are volatile but only the cows tail remains long. We've remained the same and VOLKSMETAL needs beer!

Basically replace rammsteins industrial driven metal and replace with an accordian!!!!
Its in German but that dont really matter as the music stands up and im guessing most of the lyrics are funny????


For fans Of : Rammstein, Metasoll, Turisas, German Beer Keller Music

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Metal Tank Records signs VIGILANCE!

The Slovenian occult heavy metal act Vigilance inked a deal with Metal Tank Records that will release their upcoming album. The successor of "Steeds of Time" from 2011 will crush everything in front of with its excellent mixture of genuine traditional speed heavy metal filled with profound devotion for primordial and ritualistic occultism.

The band comments:
"We are thrilled to announce that we are returning to Zalokar studios. The time is at hand to record the successor of our debut album 'Steeds of Time'. We have been working harder than ever before so you can expect nothing but fast, dark and untamed heavy metal!