01.The Great Audition
02.Dead Chavs
03.Climbing The Walls
04.The Restless
05.Baby Doll
07.21st Century Vampire Fashion Show
08. La Danse Des Femmes De Serpent Du Mutant

Shannon Lee - Guitar,Vocals
Nathan James - Lead Guitar,Programming
Ashleigh Jade - Lead Vocals
Jontl - Drums

Every now and then you get lucky, you discover a band who are so amazing that words do not seem enough to describe their talents.
Well being a (crap) writer i have to try.
Anyone who knows me or my work knows im a metalhead, gimme Dimmu Borgir or Motorhead any day throw in some Nemhain, Chaosanct, King Lizard and Roxville and im a happy spoon :)
So along comes Spiderbaby an exotic/camp glamourous powerpop/rock band from Brighton, that town once home to the mighty McQueen, and frankly they blew me away.You can read the gig review below somewhere, for it is the cd that i be dealing with ere me hearties !

Kicking off with an orchestral piece that should be introducing a classic forties horror movie before crashing the speakers with 'Dead Chavs' (Song Title of the year i think) its a distorted guitar classic that could be be from an old Frankenstein Drag Queens album with a great guitar solo thrown in !

'Climbing The Walls' is a great techno rock song with some cool synth running through it Tubeway Army style with an old movie sample top and tailing it.

Next track is the weakest track for me,it a bit too New Order for my taste but that does not detract from the quality of the song, anyway what comes next makes up for it...

Welcome to the best damn track on the cd, its 'Baby Doll' a slow n sleazy masterpiece sung with chilling precision by Ashleigh, my all time fave sleaze/sexy song was Marianne Faithfull's 'Why Dya Do It' but this tops it,im not even sure why it just is !

Snapping me out of it with it's Buzzcock's punk influence is the next song 'Crucify' a pop punk take on 'Ever Fallen In Love' if ever i heard one :)

The penultimate track is a ballad from Rocky Horror Show (well its not actually from the show) but it could be it's that cool.

Finally we end with a nod to the Rolling Stones 'Sympathy For The Devil' mixed with a spaghetti western "Ay Ya yar" (oh come on you know that vocal thing from the good the bad and the ugly), essentially an instrumentle that needs to be played loud late at night driving home from a gig.


Rating 10/10

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Babydoll. said…
Spot on. Great taste.

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