01.Razored Cell
02.Volatile Territory
03.Your Blistering Tongue
04.Cut A Little Deeper

Vykki Turner (Vocals)
Chris Webb (Guitar)
Mark Mulcaster (Bass)
Matt C (Drums)

Solsikk were formed by Chris and Matt after they left technical death metal band Biomechanical, there was a desire to form a band that could fuse that energy but blend it with melody and female vocals.

The ep kicks off with an immence bass heavy riff, but quickly the harmony vocals and musical breakdowns show that there is much more on offer here than female lead agressive heavy metal, in the style of say 'Otep'.

It is the heavy riffs and precision drumming mixed with pounding bass work that provides an outstanding backdrop to the multi tracked vocal expertise of Vikki.

"Your Blistering Tongue" is a really good fucking track, the phased guitar intro melts into some fantastic drumming with a slow vocal, it just moves along with a perfect head banging rhythm.

Finally this all too short ep ends with a ballad (shock horror!), fear not my metal loving Viking hordes for this will slay you with its beautiful vocals and atmospheric keyboard backing, but wait...for this song unleashes some of the finest guitarwork i have heard for a long time.
It is simply stunning!

Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : Arch Enemy, Otep, Fear Factory, Tristania