01. Riding Death
03. Hatevol
04. Selfdestructionology
05. Serpent Of Hate

Nick Green (Vocals/Guitar)
Hadrien Hadife (Guitar)
Gabriel J Garcia (Bass)
Shaz (Keyboards)
Jesel Gohil (Drums)

Reaping Havoc are a 5 piece extreme metal band from London formed in 2006. Although primarily a thrash metal band, a unique sound is created by incorprating the use of synthesizers, an edge of technicality and slight splattering of black/death metal resulting in an epic, yet brutal sound.
Most metallers would projectile vomit at the thought of thrash with keyboards, but those who dare often win.

Thrashy as hell with keyboards adding a near symphonic black metal quality to it, 'Riding Death' is an impressive start with its demoinic styled vocals and maidenesque guitarwork creating an atmospheric rocker.

The doom laden 'FUBAR' perfectly blends instrumentation to a level expected from certain Norwegian bands i could mention.

Well structured riffing, jazz styled drum rhythms, excellent vocals and a thrash punch with some unexpected timing changes help make 'Hatevol' a highly intresting track.
I really wanted this track to be longer as i felt that there was more to come especially when that jazzy keyboard kicked in.

'Selfdestructionology' keeping the old school thrash vibe and mixing up the black metal and keyboards make for yet another outstanding track.
gain worth pointing out here is the attention to the overall structure of the song, here is a band who clearly play by their own rules much like Celtic Frost and Voi Vod did to such an amazing standard many years ago.

'Serpent Of Hate' ends this all too short EP with furious double peddling, harmony keyboard and guitarwork held together with a solid bass line and excelent vocal delivery.

Intresting when you look at their listed influences as the likes of Children Of Bodom and Megadeth that they should create a sound far removed from them, there are few bands who can pull this style off, in fact 'Matron' are the nearest i can think of.

I for one expect greater things from this band and hope to hear more soon.


Rating 9/10

For Fans Of: De Profundis, Matron, Satyricon, Voi Vod, Celtic Frost


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