01.Hollow Sin
04.Speed Kills

Andrew Lee (Vocals/Guitar)
Tom Goss (Guitar)
Harry Mitchell (Bass)
Dave Officer (Drums)

Young London melodic thrashers Hollow Sin have always produced a very high quality both live and on disc, as time has gone on they have continued to push themselves and take things to the next level.

This EP was recorded at the Hellfire Studios in Birmingham and shows a darker and even more technical approach creating a highly original and very listenable disc.

Every great band has a song named after themselves and 'Hollow Sin' is no exception,its fast and very well arranged and Andrew's vocals are stunning.
The guitar work and the melodic quality matched with the agression makes for awesome listening and the acoustic breakdown is stunning!

'Harbinger' has a bluesy intro before kicking into a bass riff (Which could have been a bit louder in the mix) with beautiful vocal laid over the top.
Then it gets heavy as fuck and is a real speaker blaster.

A mid paced rocker 'Severed' would be one for the radio stations and would be a big hit.
Some fantastic guitarwork, solid drumming and once again i have to say outstanding vocal delivery.

Full on thrash time with the aptly titled 'Speed Kills', this one has the powerhouse drums, pounding bass, solid riffs and screaming guitar solo's, kick ass vocals cut through the mix to make this a song Dave Mustaine would kill for.

The final track 'Neuromancy' has some great uplifting lyrics, its one of those defiant fist in the air songs that never fails to deliver.
Another quality song from a band who clearly have something to offer and needs to be taken further by a record company now!

There seems to be a secret track '6' on the ep, a heavy, bluesy rocker with some awesome riffing!

RATING 10/10

FOR FANS OF : Megadeth, Iron Maiden


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