Donkerkarnuffel - Zombie Clown Apocalypse (CD Review)

01.Blood For Donko
03.Givin' It The Big Un
04.The Greatest Show On Earth
06.Mourn For The Newborn
07.Divinus Infernus
08.Fire walk With Me
09.My Psychosis
10.Zombie Clown Apocalypse

Mr Bloody (Guitars)
Haggis (Vocals)
Pervo (Bass)
Skeats (Drums)

Formed in Jan 2010 by Jamie Blood (Spitting Blood) along with ex members of 'Unredempt' and 'Cycle VI'.
Creating a fusion of various influences from the hardcore style of 'Unredempt' adding the brutal and crushing 7 String Drop-Tuned riffs from 'Spitting Blood' and epic Blackened Death Metal passages from 'Cycle VI'.

Take it from me that Spitting Blood were nothing short of awesome, easily one of the best shredding death metal bands to ever grace the stage in London and it was quite a shock when Jamie announced that the band was finished, however Jamie was far from giving up and that somewhere inside his heart was a drive to up the steaks and create something even more devistating, and he and his cohorts have delivered with their self styled "Clowncore"!

The album was recorded by Tilman Wolf-Moore (Spitting Blood/Chaosanct/Xenochord) who also did the keyboards and samples.

So to the music that Jamie described to me as "Kinda like Spitting Blood but fine tuned with blackened metal endings & occasional keys...and a Zombie Circus theme running through it...enjoy!".

No sooner did i hit play on 'Blood For Donko' and was met with an instant blast of drums and guitars, no messing around this is straight in for the throat!
Not only is it brutal but the keyboard that runs through it with an almost ska beat gives it an almost un-nerving quality then about 2 minutes in a clowns horn goes off! crazy but it works, not many songs can make you bang your head and smile at the same time.

'Funland' keeps up the pressure with hyper speed drumming, non stop riffing, pounding bass, outstanding death grunt and clean vocals and some more madcap circus style organ.

Angry as hell song 'Givin' It The Big Un' packs a real punch with some fist in the air(face?) lyrics "my time is coming and i will destroy them all" kinda sums this one up!
Nice little gothy passage towards the end of the song adds another element to the sound.

'The Greatest Show On Earth' has the line "never before have you seen so much chaos" and also proclaims "Im the leader of the satanic circus", it makes me smile (in a good way)this music just fucking kicks on every level!

This track 'Gypsy' reminds me of 'Static X' at their heaviest, kind of has that
techno/death rhythm pattern and vocal style.

Absolutley love the keyboards and chorus sounds on this slab of metal 'Mourn For The

A slow brooding, evil and dark riff and furious double pedal work introduce 'Divinus
Infernus', this one has a great shout it out backing vocal and again the brutality is tempered with some nice keyboard work.

'Fire walk With Me' manages to create a kind of death/groove hybrid, the drums seem to bounce through it whilst that riffing cuts through leaving the vocal to bludgeon the sences.

Another drum driven onslaught 'My Psychosis' continues to deliver the music at 100 miles per hour, nice little touches lurking in this one as well with goth tinges and symphonic keyboard mixed in.

Finally we come to the title track 'Zombie Clown Apocalypse', another song that makes me smile with its circus keyboard sound, laughing clown and clown horn mixed in with the pure power of guitar and drum and that huge screaming vocal.

Anyone who says that Britian cannot produce world class Death Metal needs to wake up and smell the plastic squirting flower, this is the best metal album of the year, it delivers on every level.

Rating 10/10
For fans Of : Decapitated, Strapping Young Lad, Send More Paramedics, Anaal Nathrakh

The copy i am reviewing is slightly different to what will later be available to buy on cd (an intro and two interludes will be added) and the artwork for said official release has yet to be finalised.

A dowload only version will be launched on 20th December at the Nambucca digital album release party and will be available for FREE download from

It will also be available through iTunes, Napster and Amazon MP3.
You can also get it via Spotify through



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