01.I Know Them
02.I´m In Hate
03.Be Free
05.Simple Man
06.To Smoulder
07.Folsom Prison Blues
09.Through Your Eyes
12.Who Can I Trust

Zoltán Farkas (Vocals/Guitar)
Zsabolcs Murvai (Bass)
Michael Rank (Guitar)
Robert Jaksa (Drums)

Hungary´s premiere force in neo thrash, has released an “acoustic” album.Surprising but if you take a closer look at EKTOMORF´s evolution, it seems like a logical step after band leader Zoli prepared this new style with their latest release “Redemption” (2010). The album included the track “Sea Of My Misery”, which the band also filmed a video clip for. This song was different from everything that we knew from EKTOMORF before; a melancholic track, based solely on semi-acoustic guitars, drums and Zoli´s voice, who – as he says himself- for the first time actually “sings” instead of screaming.

This new side of EKTOMORF was received really well, so the band arranged a secret acoustic gig in Berlin, to celebrate the release of “Redemption” in late 2010.“We wanted to see how an EKTOMORF acoustic gig would be received by the audience. And it worked out amazingly”, Zoli said.

Then, after the success of the “Sea Of My Misery” single, it became clear that this new side of the band would be worth evolving.

“First of all I have to make it clear that “The Acoustic” is a very special album to me”, the frontman speaks. “But no fan needs to worry, because we´ll do heavy-as-shit albums in the future again,“ Zoli laughs. “But this time the other side of EKTOMORF is in thefocus with “The Acoustic”. I guess many people will be surprised that an “acoustic” album can be that heavy, but after all we are still EKTOMORF”.

“The Acoustic” features cover versions of 'Lynyrd Skynrd's' “Simple Man” which is good musically but the vocal delivery does not fit.

The second cover is “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, This is a different take on the classic almost creating a hillbilly/punk vibe to it and is probably the best song on the album.

Rest of the album is made up of new versions of the bands well know tracks, “I Know Them”, “Redemption”,“Who Can I Trust”, “Stigmatized” and “I´m In Hate”.
There are also five new songs.

“This album very much shows where my roots are, which artists and bands really inspired me”, Zoli says. “And then it takes you one step further, to something that you haven´t heard before”. Like its successors, also “The Acoustic” was produced, mixedand mastered by Tue Madsen, the band´s long-time engineer and one of the most respected producers in the scene.

Rating 5/10
For fans Of : Nickleback, Shinedown, Sign, Alter Bridge



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