Sunday, 17 June 2012

Casino 13 - Casino 13 (CD Review)

 1.Good Friends & Alcohol
2.Dragging It All To The Grave
6.Blessing In Disguise
7.Without you
8.The Mojo Hand
9.Whiskey & Gasoline

Dave McEvoy (Guitar/Vocals)
Thomas Agar (Drums)
Pardeep Bhachu (Guitar)
Drake Kelly (Bass)

Casino13 was formed in February 2011 by founding members Drummer -Thomas Agar (ex-Feral) & Vocalist/Guitarist Dave McEvoy (ex-Social Head Removal) & later joined by second guitarist Pardeep Bhachu & bass player Drake Kelly (ex-Social Head Removal)

The bands members had all served their time in various metal bands previously & the idea with Casino13 was to blend elements of Punk Rock, Country, Rock N Roll & Metal & other styles into the mix to create an original sound.

Kicking off with some heavy rock n roll 'Good Friends & Alcohol' has a superb beat that gets you jumping up and down straight away, great vocal delivery and some awesome drumming drive this one home!

'Dragging It All To The Grave' and 'Breakdown' are a bit more restrained but still good.

That bouncy feel returns for the bass heavy rocker 'Boneshaker' some cool guitarwork in this one as well, nice to actually hear some riffing with soul.

Next up is 'Nowhere' a dark and heavy monster again featuring some great guitarwork.

"To live a lie, see through your eyes & now you're gone, a blessing in disguise" a bittersweet doom laden classic, punctuated by some heavy as hell drumming, beautiful vocals, easily my favourite song on this album.

Back to the 1950's for 'without out', coming over like Iggy pop doing Frankie Avalon, it is "grande fromage" but fucking great at the same time!!!

'The Mojo Hand' is a sing a long mid tempo rocker.

Finally ending the album the same way it started 'Whiskey & Gasoline' brings that jumping up and down, bang yer head, drink a bottle of jack and have a fucking great time vibe!

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of : Viking Skull, Rocket From The Crypt, Supersuckers, Zodiac Mindwarp

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