Generation Graveyard - Deletist (Track Review)


Max (Vocals)
Jimmy Von Snig (Drums)
Pete Turner (Guitar)
Phil Roadkill (Bass)
Arno Von Detrius (Guitar)

Camden based rockers Generation Graveyard were formed early in 2008 by Vocalist/Dj Max
With fellow musicians/Dj's Jonny and Phil along with guitarist Pete (Maleficient) and Spider.The band adopt a simple philosophy to their fucked up punked rock n roll : "Fuck the scene. Fuck the rules. Fuck genres. Fuck your twitter, Fuck your clique.This is music for the underdogs, the scumbags and the misunderstood.See you at the bar".

Throughout 2009 they built themselves a reputation as a very explosive live act and continue to increase their fanbase on a daily basis.
By 2012 Spider had left to be replaced by Arno and the band notched up some impressive support slots to bands like 'Warrior Soul'and 'Anti Nowhere League'.
They returned to the studio to cut their second EP and also filmed a promo video.

The new EP is due out soon but the band have released a one track download as a taster along with a performance video.

What you get is 2 minutes of skuzzy/death-punk delivered at high velocity, clearly designed to smash you straight in the face before you can draw breath!

You can get the track by following the link below and yu can catch them live supporting 69 EYES or at the filth fest that is Antichrist.

All hail the plague!!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Amen, Warrior Soul, Germs, Skitsystem, Discharge, Warfare.



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