Pure Negative - Insert Twist Pull (CD Review)

02.Insert Twist Pull
03.7th Empire
04.The Return
05.I Work For Dick Jones
06.Cider Complex
07.World Falls Down
08.Your Misery

Cletus Van Damme (Vocals)
Hillion (Bass)
Stevil (Guitar)
Faraz (Guitar)
Hellhog (Drums)

Described as "The bastard child" of ex-Ted Maul drummer Hellhog (Dripback) and former Labrat axe grinder Stevil formed in June 2007.

An EP release, and several line-up changes later, Pure Negative; now with ex- 50 Calibre bass monster Hillion, vocal terrorist Cleatus Van Damme (Affluenza), and ex-Damnas six string abuser F-Bomb (River Freshney) on board, are taking over!

Following their blistering performace at the 2011 Bloodstock festival their lethal brand of technical prog/metal madness was taken into the studio with producer Dan Foorde (Sikth) and mastered by none other than Russ Russell.

So aside from the weird orchestral 'Overture' the rest of the album is full on in your face metal performed at a very high standard.

Brutal in every way, yet skillfully pieced together, every instrument mixed to perfection to allow clarity delivered with a sledgehammer!

Some stunning Bass guitar in '7th Empire' and all held together with screaming vocals and quality rifferey!!!!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Damnas, Ted Maul, Affluenza, Mastodon, Meshuggah