Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes (CD Review)

 01.The Wrong Stuff
02.Legend Of Speed
03.Backwards Bible
04.Beverly Hills Robocop
05.Smoke The Blow With Willem Dafoe
06.We Started The Fire
08.The Cannibals Are in The Streets (Therefore) All Flesh Must Be Eaten
09.Shitting Yourself To Live
10.Matrioshka Brain
11.Metal Idiot
12.Wrecking Ball

Philly Byrne (Vocals)
Joe McGuigan (Bass)
John Roche (Guitar)
Domo Dixon (Lead Guitar)
Paul Caffrey (Drums)

For a decade now, the Irish five-piece have mixed vintage thrash metal with absurd, acid-tongued lyrics, keeping it strictly old school even as they break very modern music industry taboos.
Adhering to self-imposed commandments that prohibit ballads, acoustic intros and the meat-headed tendencies of modern metal, GAMA BOMB went from a quiet corner of Ireland to global cult status in short order, and show no signs of letting up now.
With a string of three critically-lauded albums and a confrontational pro-file sharing stance that saw them go toe-to-toe with everyone from their contemporaries to rock’s old guard, they never lost sight of their goal: to make killer, neck-wrecking thrash metal.

Their fourth album The Terror Tapes, released in April on AFM Records, tears the old speed metal formula a new asshole, and then buys it a pint.
The Terror Tapes is a battery of sing-along anthems that never let the needle drop out of the red, melding a very modern geek’s-eye view of the world with classic metal song writing.
They’re songs that are inspired by midnight movies, hard touring and a comprehensive knowledge of near-forgotten thrash demos, now tempered by a year of hard struggle for the band.
Following 2009’s Tales from the Grave in Space, one of the first albums to be released as a free download by a signed band, GAMA BOMB changed labels, welcomed a new guitarist and dealt with injury, therapy and surgery all in twelve short months.
Now, as they return with nothing less than the most striking thrash album in 20 years under their belts, it’s clear the Geeks shall inherit the Earth.

Nothing short of brilliant this is thrash how it should be!!!
Great use of Love Sculpture's 'sabre Dance' rifferey on the song 'Terrascope' (Cheers Ross for that i thought it was Prowler!!!)

A touch of Lawnmower Death on 'Shitting Yourself To Live' brings a huge smile, everything else just makes you jump around like an idiot!!!

Rating 10/10

For fans Of : Lawnmower Death, Municiple Waste, Evile, Anthrax.


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