Indian - From All Purity (CD Review)

02.The Impetus Bleeds
04.Rhetoric Of No

Dylan O'Toole (Guitar/Vocals)
Will Lindsay (Guitar/Vocals)
Ron DeFries (Bass)
Bill Bumgardner (Drums) 

The Chicago band formed in 2003, the band's debut EP, God Slave, was a self-released mission statement, welcoming the band into the world like young, kicking, screaming giants. Following this release, Indian’s first three records – The Unquiet Sky, Slights and Abuse, and The Sycophant, respectively – were all issued through Portland, OR based metal label Seventh Rule Recordings. Each of these releases found the band gaining momentum and attracting followers, as well as performing shows with bands such as Wolves in the Throne Room.
After being signed to Relapse Records in 2010, Indian began to work on their third full-length, knowing that, this time around, all eyes were on them. Not only did the band live up to their fans’ lofty expectations, but they also achieved a massive critical breakthrough. Guiltless was released in 2011 to rave reviews. They described the album as “a musical journey into the mouth of teeth-rattling metal madness”.

'Rape' may start off with a fairly typical doom sounding riff, but then it decends into this over distorted mess of screaming, feedback, noise all wrapped up in anti music noise - AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!
Possibley the fastest noise set to the slowest chords ever laid down? reminds me of 'Dissimulate' era Beserker on downers.

The same sounds are prevelant on 'The Impetus Bleeds' but their are brief moments of musical clarity thrown, this is also true of 'Directional' as well.

The pace picks up a bit with a more upbeat drum pattern very similar to Hellhammer from far too many years now back.Half way through it turns into this sludgefest and then the noise element returns, speaker destroying stuff!

Talking of speaker destroying stuff the beginning of 'Clarify' nearly blew the player and my head off with a high pitched sonic blast and a vocal to match and thats all you get for 4 minutes, evil very fucking evil, right up my street!

Finally some funeral doom with 'Disambiguation' slow with some nice (yes i use the word nice here) little guitar riffs, highly atmospheric and the occasional high speed triggered drum thrown in.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Sunn0))), Tryptikon, Anaal Nathrakh, Electric Wizard


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