Friday, 16 May 2014

Tanzwut - Eselsmesse (CD Review)

02.Asinum Chorum
03.Der Eselskönig
05.Lux Hodie
07.Unsere Nacht
09.Gregis Pastor Tityrus
10.Par Deus
11.Orientis Partibus
12.Briesel Occultum
13.Zieh Mit Mir

Mike "Teufel" Paulenz (Bagpipe/Vocals)
Der Zwilling (Bass/Bagpipe)
Thrymr (Bagpipe/Shawm)
Pyro (Bagpipe/Shawm)
Shumon (Percussion/Keyboards)
Oually (Percussion/Key Drum/Electronic Drums/Riesentara/Keyboard)
Martin Ukrasvan (Guitar/Bagpipe/Tromba Marina)
Rene (Guitar)

German band formed by Teufel in the mid 1990's. starting life as a ska/punk industrial metal band, having felt he had done all he could in that field he put togtehr a new line up featuring members of Corvus Corax in 2011 to add medieval instruments to his original hybrid and created a new sound.

Oh dear, i was expecting huge things from this, the idea of Medieval rock music is one that few have attempted but up to now those who have have created intresting music, Meads Of Asphodel, Rondellus and Circulus spring to mind, but sorry this album is just endless bagpipes over the same beat, track after track, bordering on a dirge at times, there seems to be no thought behind it or even use of other instruments, the idea of a mix of industrial rock and dance music mixed with medieval tunes coild have been an oppertunity to create something outstanding.This almost seems pointless.

Okay so 'Unsere Nacht' is more acid folk, a great duet with an unnamed female vocalist, the song is well put together and makes use of other instruments and'Orientis Partibus' has a little more in the mix, but not much.

A huge dissapointment!

Rating 3/10
For fans of : Bagpipe music

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