Misty Grey - Chapter II (CD Review)

01. Spellbound
02. Strangers On A Train
03. Psycho
04. Rebecca
05. Frenzy
06. The Wrong Man
07. Among The Dead

Juan (Guitar)
Javi (Drums)
Robin (Bass)
Bea (Vocals)

Spanish group Misty Grey have tried to capture their passion for classic doom metal and it would seem the movies of Alfred Hitchcock for their latest album.

The band formed back in 2011 from the ashes of ‘Simon Del Desierto’ a doom band with a passion for the surrealist Luis Bunuel.

The ideas of film inspired music continued and with their original vocalist Malicia, they released a self titled album in 2016, song titles included ‘High Noon’ and ‘Dead Zone’. Earlier releases were a mixture of movie inspired songs and cover versions from some of their influences including ‘Pentagram’ and ‘Witchfinder General’.

With new vocalist ‘Bea’ they have set out to create an entire album with a single movie theme, in case you are thinking that “Hitch” never did a film called ‘Among The Dead’ it is in fact the title of the book that ‘Vertigo’ is based on.

What do we get by way of tribute to Mr Hitchcock?
Well seven slabs of amazing sounding proto-doom meets occult Psychedelia, superbly executed growling fuzzed out guitar playing, pounding bass and drums.

Very much in that early 1970’s style, not the clinical modern doom or some death growled funeral style, this all flows, yes it has the classic rhythms but with hints of heavy metal, classic rock and psychedelic rock all carefully added.

As to the vocal style, it is haunting, dare I say almost witch like, evil yet seductive.
My personal favourite is ‘Frenzy’, one of the albums slower tracks, great guitar work and then slows down enough to allow an exceptional vocal performance to ring out, full of menace and suspense.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Blood Ceremony, Purson, Electric Wizard, Pentagram  


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