02.Cause & Effect
04.30 Unexplained Minutes
05.I Thought That You Should Know
06.Lest We Forget
07.My Heart Bleeds
08.Salt In Scars
09.Until December

Glenn Jenkins (Drums/Vocals)
Mark Seibert (Vocals/Guitar)
Scott Jones (Lead Guitar)
Joe Simms (Bass)

Edmonton based 9Blind have been tearing up the venues for sometime now and last year released a great ep, now with a new album ready to unleash it seems that the time is right for them to branch out and show the world what they are made of.

'Promises' kicks off with a very punchy riff and drum kick, but what shines through here is the melody that flows throughout and the superb vocal delivery from Mark.

A more commercial sound is prevelant with 'Cause & Effect' and the first taste that with the right backing this edge to their music could gain them huge amounts of radio play all over the world and also prove that it's not just the Americans that can make this kind of music!!

Whilst 'Immune' returns to their heavier sound i come to the first stand out track for me with '30 Unexplained Minutes', starting with a simple haunting riff it moves into a powerhouse of drums and guitars and screaming vocals, yet it retains a moody and dark element that holds the song throughout.
The chorus is catchy and is a definate singalong "Lay down your arms, it doesn't need to be this hard, i've apologised a thousand times, dont waste time chasing white lies, dont waste time proving love dies".

Sample's of Mrs Thatcher and Churchill mixed in with various other politicians under a great acoustic piece make up the instrumentle 'I Thought You Should Know, which then leads into the screamfest that is 'Lest We Forget' with its angry and aggressive delivery and an almost Corey Taylor tone when singing the line "I stare into each photograph and start to feel you crawl back, i stare into each photgraph in vain".

'My Heart Bleeds' has a slightly anthemic quality to it and again it is the vocals the pushes this above the average with great conviction.

Next up is the quite stunning 'Salt In Scars' a song which i believe almost didnt make it to the album.Mark scraems "Wake Up!" and the song moves into a brutal yet highly commercial rock song that has HIT written all over it, very well composed and top notch playing from all concerned here!!!

'Until December' closes the album with some style, a beautiful acoustic intro moves in to a ballad like song with great harmony and emotion, even a neat guitar solo and a shout it out finale is thrown in.


Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : Killswitch Engage, Johnny Truant, 36 Crazyfists, Sone Sour


Anonymous said…
It is as simple as this guys, this band simply rocks!!!!totallt awesome!
Anonymous said…
9Blind....what can i say,bring on the next gig,cant wait,brilliant!!
Anonymous said…
Just downloaded this off iTunes, FUCKIN AMAZING AlBUM!! Every track is sick hope this band start touring soon. 9 Blind OWN!!

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