02.Order Of Chaos
03.Humanity Lost...Not Found
04.The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Man
05.Origins Of Evil

James Taw (Vocals)
Joel Hogan (Guitar)
Joe Heraghty (Drums)
Andy Hunter (Bass)

London based band who formed in 2008 with a single purpose of bring skull crunching metal to the hoardes.

'D.O.A' explodes into life with a bomb sample then full on brutality.Its shouty, in your face vocals just blast through the speakers, backed by hyper drum work, crunching riffs and basswork.

Up next is 'Order Of Chaos' drawing on black and death metal influences to create a six minute epic.

"we are just the blood on the face of destiny" is a great line taken from 'Humanity Lost'.Without a doubt my favourite track here, this one has it all in terms of great lyrics, great playing and a bass solo!!

Kicking off like "Blind" by Korn, 'The Demon Who Makes Trophies' soon evolves to a Slayeresque metal onslaught complete with a "You're all gonna die" scream of epic proportions.Coming in at over 7 minutes its yet another stand out track.

Finally 'Origins Of Evil' continues the pace, but with a cheeky melodic ending that calms you down quite nicley.

All in all a very well produced EP of stunning thrash/death influenced metal full of originality and clearley performed with style and understanding.


Rating 9/10

For Fans Of : Slayer, DevilDriver, Hatebreed, Morbid Angel


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