3 Inches Of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal (CD Review)

01.Metal Woman
02.My Sword Will Not Sleep
03.Leather Lord
04.Chief And The Blade
05.Dark Messenger
06.Look Out
07.4000 Torches
08.Leave It On The Ice
09.Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
10.Storming Juno
11.Men Of Fortune
12.One For The Ditch

Cam Pipes (Vocals)
Shane Clark (Guitars)
Justin Hagberg (Guitars)
Ash Pearson (Drums)
Byron Stroud (Bass)

Proud defenders of the faith 3 INCHES OF BLOOD entered Vogville Studios and Profile
Studios in Vancouver to record their highly anticipated fifth full-length album. Reuniting the group with the producer and engineer of their rare “Anthems For the Victorious” 7” single, Terry “Sho” Murray (City of Fire, Exhibitionists), to create another kick-ass collection of scorching, face-melting, no Bullshit traditionalist heavy metal.

Vocalist Cam Pipes had the following to say about Long Live Heavy Metal: “When a band is releasing a new record, they often speak about it being their most important work or best album to date. Regardless of how clichéd either statement may sound, I think we would say both apply to this album. All of us have a special feeling about this one. We‘re more committed than ever to the cause of real, honest, no bullshit heavy metal. No trends, no fucking around!”

Powered by the glass-shattering vocals of Pipes, the blistering dual guitar work of Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark, and the powerful drums of Ash Pearson, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD formed in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia.
The band relocated to Vancouver shortly thereafter, where they dominated the local scene with their demo, “Sect of the White Worm”, and their debut full-length, “Battlecry Under A Winter Sun”. The intense buzz surrounding the band at this time earned them a support slot on tour with multi-platinum rock superstars, The Darkness. It wasn’t long before every metal label under the sun was competing to sign the band.

They released “Advance and Vanquish”, in 2004, and its follow-up, “Fire Up The Blades”, in 2007, before making the jump to Century Media for 2009’s “Here Waits Thy Doom”.
That same year, they became the first heavy metal band ever to collaborate with Nike 6.0. The result, the Blood Oncore High, was the most extreme pair of sneakers the world has ever known.

They’ve toured the world many times over, playing for millions of fans around the globe alongside such heavy metal luminaries as Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Lamb of God, Type O Negative, Hatebreed, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Their already-classic
anthem “Deadly Sinners” was featured in the best-selling videogames Tony Hawk’s
“Underground 2”, “Saints Row 2”, and “Brutal Legend”.

With more electrifying live performances sure to follow the release of Long Live Heavy Metal, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD’s onward march into the annals of heavy metal history will
surely continue unabated.

It delivers a 12 slab masterclass of pure metal, each with pounding drums, awesome bass and guitar work, and that screaming hellish vocal cuts thru with perfect balance and power.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Viking Skull, Skeletonwitch



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