Review Of Rotweisser Herbal Liqueur Infused With Absinthe

Originally produced for German officers during World War II by Gaetano Inga. Rotweisser is a unique Herbal Infused Liqueur which incorporates Absinthe or Artemisia Absinthium-the active ingredient in all genuine Absinthe.

I entered a competition on Facebook and won a free bottle of Rotweisser so I thought I'd share my thoughts of it .

As expected from the look of the bottle it is similar to other alcoholic Herbal drinks such as Jagermeister, Josef Meyeirs and Messerschmitt etc but has a slightly different taste due to the addition of Wormwood (Artemisia) .

Although it has got an ingredient of Absinth it lacks the Aniseed flavour .
I tried a shot at first and it tasted quite sweet, I detected a hint of orange ??
It was warming but then came the slightly bitter aftertaste (due to the wormwood I'm guessing) which was different ....but not unpleasant .

I then tried mixing it with an Energy Drink ...the two went together really well complimenting each other nicely still had a kick to it from the Wormwood but was less noticeable .
As far as I'm aware it's only available to buy from a few online sites and quite reasonably priced at £20 for a 70cl bottle but hopefully it will end up in pubs, clubs and other licensed retaillers .
I think that Rotweisser will appeal to Jagermeister and Absinth drinkers ,
I enjoyed it alot and will definately buy it again in the future !!
Cheers !!


Rating : 9/10

For fans(drinkers) of : Jagermeister, Josef Meyeirs , Messerschmitt ,Absinth .




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