Aeternum (UK) - Through Death We Ascend EP (CD Review)

01.Beyond The Valley
02.As The Last Kingdom Burns
03.Non Serviam
04.Sons Of The Fading Dusk
05.The Light Bearer

Elliot Beaver (Vocals)
Adam Vom Grima (Guitar)
Zurab Melua (Guitar)
James Patterson (Bass)
Jesel Gohil (Drums)

Formed in early 2011 by a group of experienced young musicians, Aeternum are a five piece Blackened Death Metal band based in London featuring members of 'Phyrexia' and 'Reaping Havoc'.

Brought together by their shared influences of Dissection, Behemoth, Necrophobic and Belphegor as well as a love of classic Black and Death Metal, they create a sound based on a combination of both genres’ hallmarks; ethereal melodies woven into crushing guitars, driven by pounding drums and inhuman growls and screams.

Currently gearing up for live shows and this impending first release.

Dark and doom laden cello and funeral drum makes up the intro 'Beyond The Valley' which leads into something much heavier 'As The Last Kingdom Burns'.

Superb musicianship and what a production, in particular the screaming evil vocal attack would make a certain Mr Davy shit his goth pants!

'Non Serviam' keeps up the pace, with a dark, rythmic and brooding nightmare of classic british Black Metal, fuck sake the drums absolutley destroy the speakers (Mind you they are set on 100!!!!) the melody that the guitarists manage to put throughout this song is outstanding.

Oh and again some superb acoustic guitar leads into 'Sons Of The Fading Dusk' the bass riff behind it helps build to that screaming creshendo that you know is coming, and fuck me does it come with all the daemons of hell armed to the teeth with armageddon in mind.
Seriously the delivery on this just scream power and musical precision on a world class level.I tell you this that acoustic breakdown half way through the song is placed just right and long enough to take a breath!

'The Light Bearer' has a riff not a million miles away from Maidens 'The Trooper' but apart from that there are no more comparisons to Harry's band.
Riff madness, hyper speed and satans vocal coach giving it his all.
Some great powerchording giving this a headbanging quality, tho perhaps a free neckbrace at gigs for the front 2 rows??

Finally another awesome riff kicking off another awesome song,'Invocation' is a power laced monster that has a great rhythm running throughout and again a touch of Maiden in the guitarwork but retaining brutality and power.
Nice weird guitar sounding riffage half way through giving this one another dimension.

That music of this standard is being made by Aeternum, people who are prepared to work hard at creating original, entertaining, well crafted and expertley executed "Metal", is something to be very proud of.

Rating: 10/10
For Fans Of: Behemoth, Anaal Nathrakh, Dimmu Borgir, Akercocke, Meads Of Asphodel