Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Eklipse - A Night In Strings (CD Review)


Helena (Cello)
Viola (Viola)
Miss E. (Violin)
Scarlett (Violin)

Okay this is what the record company say:

Attractive, sexy and damn talented. Four female musicians in their early 20’s joined forces in 2012, to conquer the world with their classical interpretations of contemporary pop, rock, gothic and soundtrack scores. The name Eklipse, describes music that needs no words, a melancholic music to accompany the listener through to the end of night: an eclipse, symbolizing opposites: night and day, moon and sun, power and tenderness.
Eklipse are four ladies like it dangerous and mysterious. So it’s not surprising that very little is known about the background of this German string quartet, having chosen to mask their true identities in secrecy. Some of the musicians attended university, while others practiced until their fingers bled. Eklipse found each other at the White Nights Festival in faraway St. Petersburg, Russia. Like a moth to a flame, the strangers were immediately drawn to each other by an indescribable connection, knowing that they were destined to do something magical.

What Eklipse does choose to show speaks for itself: the magic of their music. Their interpretations of chart topping hits from bands such as Linkin Park, David Bowie and Kate Bush, are sensual, fragile, delicate and seductive- accompanied by a string quartet whose look conveys nostalgia, romance and desire. For Eklipse, music is like a language without words that they speak to perfection. This perfection does come with a price. While the ladies do take time to enjoy the excess and ecstasy of the big city life, they know they must spend hours upon hours honing their skills to achieve the perfection that makes their sound so beautiful and unique. This is something that is apparent when listening to Eklipse. Their fingers glide unified over their instruments, sonically creating a fantasy soundscape with their melancholic versions of „Clocks“ (Coldplay), „Home“ (Depeche Mode) and „Wonderful Life“ (Hurts). The mythical scores of „New Moon Theme“ and „Mumbai Theme“ soothingly implants the soundtrack in your mind, while the upbeat cover of Lady Gaga’s „Paparazzi“ show Eklipse’s more optimistic side and „Cry Me A River“ (Justin Timberlake) is the perfect soundtrack to end a long night out on the town.
The four attractive girls in Eklipse make no secret that music and style are important to them. Eroticism and sex appeal go hand in hand with a certain austerity and elegance. Combining the no holds barred attitude of pop music with the grace and beauty of classical music to create something new, something to call their very own. Eklipse sometimes perform blindfolded but not only for the fashion aspect, but say it symbolizes their concentration, which is necessary for this kind of music, and helps them become one with the sound. It has been hinted that the girls are paying homage to the Bondage scene, but if you ask them they just smile and continue playing.

Eklipse’s debut album „A Night In Strings“ was recorded in Berlin and the Ruhr area of Germany, together with different producers, showcasing ten instrumental scores that were carefully designed, arranged and hand-picked by Eklipse themselves. Whether Eklipse choose to continue to produce renditions of other artists and remain instrumental is up for debate, but the quartet choose to live for the moment and don’t want to speculate on the future. Eklipse enjoyed diving deep into these pieces and emerging with their versions of these great songs. Given the outcome, the remarkable skill, sex appeal and great discipline of these four young ladies, the future looks extremely promising - either way.

Its records like this that make you wonder "why", this is bland, boring, unoriginal and very average, its the kind of music that wouldnt even cut it on X Factor.

It lacks the pop sensabilities of Vanessa Mae or Bond, it has no rock credentials like Apocalyptica or Rondellus and no quirkeness of Emille Autumn.

So how does this even get released? is it because they are four "Sexy" women? is that it is this just playing the sex sells game, good looking and no talent which pretty much sums up the pop charts and most of Kerrangs content.

Really this is a disgrace and when there is real talent out there you have to question the real motive behind this release oh and somehow they have grabbed the support to Nightwish in europe.

Rating: 0/10
For Fans Of: Elevator Music, Watching Paint Dry, Coldplay


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