Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Crystal Viper - Crimen Excepta (CD Review)

01.Witch’s Mark
02.Child Of The Flame
03 It’s Your Omen
04.Crimen Excepta
05.Medicus Animarum
06.The Spell Of Death
07.Hope Is Gone, Here’s New Law
08.Fire Be My Gates
09.Tyrani Piekiel (Vader cover)
10.Ghosts Of Sherwood

Marta Gabriel (Vocals/Guitars)
Andy Wave (Guitars)
Tom Woryna (Bass)
Golem (Drums)

CRYSTAL VIPER are a Female Fronted Traditional Heavy Metal act from Poland, founded in 2003 and led by the singer & guitarist Marta Gabriel.
After doing 3 full length studio albums, several single and EP releases,
appearing on numerous compilations and constant touring in most European countries.

Due to Marta's charismatic voice and stage presence, the band was often placed in one line with acts such as Warlock, while melodic, fast songs brought comparisons to acts such as Running Wild and Accept.

This is being hailed as their heaviest, most dark and aggressive album to date.
'Crimen Excepta' is a concept effort about holy inquisition, black magic and witches, where fiction is mixed with historical facts.

The album's artwork was painted again by the legendary French artist Chris Moyen (known from cooperation with acts such as Slayer, Beherit and Blasphemy).

The band decided to hide their influences no longer, and showed the world they are
fans of Black & Death Metal as well and even recorded a cover version of the classic Death Metal anthem by Vader song "Tyrani Piekiel" ("Tyrants Of Hell") they invited
VADER mainman Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek to the recording studio, so you
can hear their amazing vocal duet of Marta and Peter.

It's of course not the end of surprises: the band didn't forget about their NWoBHM influences as well, and in the title track you can hear one more special guest: David
Bower of HELL.

'Ghosts Of Sherwood' is the theme for the forthcoming 3D cinema horror movie "Robin
Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood".

So to sum up "Crimen Excepta", It's heavy and dark, but still very classic. Old school influences of bands such as Mercyful Fate, are mixed here with riffs that could land on some classic Iron Maiden album, and die hard Metal attitude of bands such as Nifelheim -
not to forget about amazing vocals of Marta Gabriel, who sounds like the
younger sister of Chastain's Leather Leone.

So its amps to "11" and enter a world full of Flying Vs, tube amplifiers, real drums,
leather and chains! This is Heavy Metal all the way!

Rating 9/10

For Fans Of: Warlock, Chastain, Bitch, Achilla

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