Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hour Of 13 - 333 (CD Review)

01.Deny The Cross
02.The Burning
03.Rite Of Samhain
04.Spiral Vacuum
05.Whos To Blame
06.Sea Of Trees
07.Lucky Bones

Chad Davis (Instruments)
Phil Swanson (Vocals)

Hailing from the USA, Hour of 13's core duo of Chad Davis and Phil Swanson return with their third album, '333'.  Cloaked in obscure tales of the bizarre and the lost, Hour of 13 bridge the gap between forlorn despair and cautious hope on their new album.  Powered by majestic, haunting riff worship, and shrouded with occult sentiment and themes, the album offers a glimmer of salvation for the alienated and the alone.

Choosing to utilise a highly listenable classic rock songwriting approach, Hour of 13 throw in curveballs with the use of devilish riffs and a pained vocal intonation that threatens to collapse under the weight of unwieldy despair.

'Sea of Trees' and 'The Burning' emphasise the twisted catchiness that has become Hour of 13's trademark - on the one hand welcoming enough to get heads banging, but grimly haunting enough to leave a sense of unease lingering.

If it's possible to create an uplifting kind of doom metal, then Hour of 13 might have uncovered the alchemical formula that offers redemption on the one hand, and plunges you into hopelessness on the other.

Coming across like classic 'Witchfinder General' the band have achieved exactly what they set out to.

Rating 7/10

For fans Of: Witchfinder General, Cathedral, Electric Wizard

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