Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kemakil - Kemakil (CD Review)

01.Cause Of All War
02.Iram Of The 'Ad
03.Hell Patrol
04.Free To Obey
05.Chemical Attack
07.The Vile, The Bad & The Ugly
08.Nightmare Existence
09.Nuclear Proliferation
10.Persecution Of The Hmong

Rob Durrant (Guitar/Vocals)
Chris Stockdale (Guitar)
Tim Franklin (Bass)
Aaron Boast (Drums)
Haydn Morgans (Bass: Tracks 5 - 10)

Suffolk thrashers formed back in 1988 by Rob and Chris, however it wasn't until 2007 that a solid line up was put together and an album's worth of material was recorded at Rob's house and became the demo 'Gondolas On The Styx'.

In 2008 Aaron and Haydn Morgans joined and after successful shows in Ipswich and London,the 'Blood Removal Machines' EP was recorded at Punch Studios in 2009.

For the next 2 years the band gigged throughout the UK playing support to bands like Virus, Shrapnel, savage Messiah and Bonded By Blood.

2012 Haydn leaves the band but is featured on the new album recorded at HVR Studios just outside Ipswich, his replacement is Tim from 'Fallen Humanity'.

Sound effects and melodic guitar lead you into a false sense of calm as the opening track 'Cause Of All War' blasts at high speed through the speakers.

The pace changes slightly between doomy guitar work and full on thrash assault for 'Iram Of The 'Ad' with a bit of maidenesque guitar work thrown in for good measure.
This mix of styles remains for the next few songs, each perfectly executed with screaming vocals, very fast drumming blended with solid bass work and epic guitar solos.

Always a favourite song 'Illuminati' delivers extreme power just as it does live, this is a mosh pit masterpiece, agressive, evil, fast as fuck!!

'The Vile, The Bad & The Ugly' is one of those brooding thrash songs, has a touch of Judas Priest's 'Exciter' about it.

'Nightmare Existence' harkens back to the early days, its short, fast and has a great guitar solo, and that pedal work punches through the speakers.

The final song 'Persecution Of The Hmong' is another mid tempo rocker, full of timing changes, some almost bluesy guitar work and all held together by an array of punishment to the drum skins.

I said it before and i will say it again "a mosh pit masterpiece, agressive, evil, fast as fuck!!"

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of: Evile, Savage Messiah, Kreator, Municiple Waste.


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