Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tank - Breath Of The Pit (CD Review)

01.Breath Of The Pit
03.Kill Or Be Killed
04.Healing The Wounds Of War
05.Stalingrad (Time Is Blood)
07.Crawl Back Into Your Hole
09.Conflict Primeval
10.Circle Of Willis

Algy Ward (Vocals/All Instruments)

Tank were formed in 1980 by Algy Ward, a former member of The Saints and The Damned, often compared to Motörhead as both bands, trios fronted by singing bassists, played a loose, almost punk-styled metal music.

The 1982 debut Filth Hounds Of Hades is to this day one of the greatest modern Heavy Metal albums of all time, they continued on until 1989 then Ward reformed with a new band in 1997 there followed a new album later and another was planned in 2006 (though this never arrived), then in 2008 Ward was removed from his own band and replaced by former Rainbow vocalist Doogie White leaning towards a more melodic sound.

Ill health issues kept Ward away from the music scene and was no doubt more than a little upset that his band was still going without him and using the name.

However last year Ward planned his return and not surprisingly chose to use his bands name, what is odd though is that he chose to record an album on his own with no other musicians involved.This never stopped Casey Chaos creating the 'Amen' legacy!

So now its here the new Tank album, time to hit play!

Distortion greets the opening track 'Breath Of The Pit' followed by that "Classic Tank Sound" full on drum and punchy riffs, then that voice kicks in, its like nothings changed since 1980!
This pace continues for 'T-34' and 'Kill Or Be Killed' and so far all is well, but the next song 'Healing The Wounds Of War' is the first to show the limitations of a drum machine, considering the quality of guitar and vocal work this track would have benefited from use of the drum programme known as "DKFH" that was co created by Tomas Haake of Meshugga.

Next track 'Stalingrad (Time Is Blood) sounds like The Ruts on speed!, a snarling in your face punk rocker.

'Victim' sounds like everything was turned up to 100 on the amp, distorted guitar overkill, a great song only slightly spoilt by the tinny hi-hat sound.

Now 'Crawl Back Into Your Hole' is a moody rocker written from the heart about the old band members carrying on without him and using his bands name, angry to say the least but very well written.

'Retribution' is full on old school Tank meets Motorhead, fast paced and heavy as hell.

Some intresting timing patterns on the drum machine help drive 'Conflict Primeval' at a solid pace, its one of those songs that you just nod your head to.

Finally the strangley titled 'Circle Of Willis' has a bluesy intro that just keeps going into some excellent guitar playing, almost (and im gonna say it) like Dave Gilmore back in his heyday, a great instrumental to end the album.Though whats with that phone call at the end and who was calling Algy??

So what do we make of all this then? well dear reader its a fantastic solo album, sure there are a couple of issues with the drum machine, but we can easily forget that.This is quality and its 100% TANK!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Motorhead, Warfare, Venom, Amen, Scum, Ravens Creed, Kvelertak


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