RED JESTER, HAMMERJACK, HELLION RISING. Live At The Hallcross 26.07.13 (Gig Review)


The Hallcross, Doncaster 26.07.13

Travelling down from Newcastle to bring their sludge/Groove Metal sounds i was immediately struck over the head by a huge wall of sound reminescent of early Soundgarden/Down/Melvins all kept at a solid pace by some amazing drum work, man that guy totally killed that poor little mapex kit!
Great guitar work, pounding bass and a great singer who paced the stage with clear enthusiam for every second.


Hailing from London and intent on bringing the party to the venue, their classic rock style got the girls dancing, whilst the more blues influenced songs were for us blokes to nod our heads to.
Got to mention their lead guitarist, some stunning solo's in the Kossoff style, overall a great set.

First off any band who open their set with a song dedicated to my wife is gonna get the thumbs up from me, the song in question "She Devil" was the perfect start to an outstanding live performance.
The energy these guys put over is breathtaking, none of them stood still for more than a few seconds, hell even Drummer Matt kept standing up whilst retaining the beats and a huge smile!
Guitarist Dan jumped and span round, whilst bassist Darren ran up and down the stage, Singer Jim made good use of his space as well at times reminding me of Damon Albarn and Ricky Wilson.

2 new songs were performed alongside live fave's 'Dirty Lovin' and 'Nasty', listed on their set list is 'Sweet Spunk' this turns out to be a clever song amde up of White Stripes Seven Nation Army, Eurythmics Sweet Dreams and Pink Floyds Another Brick In The Wall, 3 songs that you wouldnt think go together yet their clever arrangement made one fine song.

With the crowd moving forward even more the band picked up the pace with more great songs, getting everyone involved, i didnt think the metallica/nirvana mix worked so well but everyone enjoyed it.

The stand out song tonight for me was 'The Rain' a brilliant performance for a very strong "Rock Ballad" that builds with an anthemic chorus.

Having said goodnight and thankyou the band were not allowed to leave the stage until they had played another song, they chose the hard rockin almost Motorhead like song 'Punching Bag'.


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