Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies - Earth, Air, Spirit, Fire, Water (CD Review)

02.Next Stop Universe B
03.The Ghost Of Valentine
04.The Deep Dark Waters

Selim Lemouchi (Various)
Ries Doms(Drums)
Micha Haring (Drums)
Hans van de Perre (Drums)
Hansz Deijnen (Drums)
Job van de Zande (Bass)
Milko Bogaard (Vocals/Mini Moog/Mellotron)
Robby Geerings (FX/Drum-Synth/Guitar)
Oeds Beydals (Guitar)
Farida Lemouchi (Vocals)

“For what is Art if not the manipulation of Reality into what the Artist wills it to be. What is Art if not Magic?"

Since the demise of The Devil's Blood, Selim Lemouchi, has been on a journey of musical and self discovery; the results of which have been poured into this five track album. Unrestricted by traditional band or song structures, Earth Air Spirit Fire Water is a genre-defying creation.

Earth Air Spirit Fire Water was brought into being  with four drummers, a handful of guitar players, a few synthesizer players, several vocalists, a great cover-artist and many, many hours that were filled with laughter, tears, anger and spiritual communion.

The Devil's Blood were a band steeped in late 60's early 70's occult psych/rock, clearly since parting Selim has taken a different approach, from the opening of the first track we get treated to a sermon delivered with venom then the song starts and actually has quite a psychedelic feel, not unlike old style Hawkwind.In fact this style remains for the second song as well.

When 'The Ghost Of Valentine' hits the speakers we get more of what i expected, a simple ambient piece of electronica, beautiful synth playing with long sweeping notes running throughout.

The ghost of early Pink Floyd can be heard in 'The Deep Dark Waters' with some Bauhaus thrown in for good measure and it all ends with some great guitar work.

Ending with 'Molasses' and massive prog rock workout at 13 minutes, laden with piercing synths, guitar riffs, haunting vocals and even jazz elements.

Rating 8/10
For fans Of : Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Can