Slowcoaches - Thinkers EP (CD Review)

Self titled 'Slack Metal' band formed in 2010 return with a new four-track EP, THINKERS. The EP follows on from their 'Tye Die Tapes' release, We're So Heavy back in May 2012.

Along with a fistful of new songs, Heather and Matty instigated another line up change, with the addition of Mazes' Neil Robinson on drums. The band maintains a fiercely DIY ethic and the past year have performed across the UK and Europe with bands including Mission of Burma and The Thermals.

Opening song 'Thinkers' sounds like L7 back in their SubPop days, its a raw guitar driven, grungey mix with riotgrrrl attitude.

'Total Block' is a distorted faced paced fuzz monster, simplistic in delivery like a classic 3 chord Ramones song.

The weirdly titled 'Biennal Drool' is the first to not feature Heather on vocals, the song is reminiscent of the post punk sounds of Buzzcocks and even a touch of Joy Division.

Finally 'Nightlife' sticks with that new wave vibe, the vocals are full of harmony and the music flows wiyhut becoming complicated.

Neat little ep, good old "DIY" ethics creating good easy to listen too sounds.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : L7, Hole, Buzzcocks, Throwing Muses, Sonic Youth


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