Deathless Creation - Thrash´n´Roll (CD Review)

01.Stigma Of Degeneration
02.Personal Hell
03.As Long As There's A God
05.King Of The Lonesome Riders
07.Break The Silence
09.Endless Source Of Power
10.Escape The Prison
11.I Am The Devil
12.The Last War

Benne Rommel (Vocals/Guitar)
Vladimir Nikolov (Guitar)
Eric Arikan (Bass)
Stefan Schaubele (Drums)

Deathless Creation is raw power group from Bavaria formed in 2012. Cutting-edge Thrash Metal combined with Rock´n´Roll and all sorts of different influences and genres that the music world has to offer.
It´s all about the music, not an image, a certain scene or category.
Great music starts with fun and an open mind to everything. This is the message of this
band. Independent Metal, high-energy liveshows, honest music and a fresh concept that
exceeds the boundaries of the scene and the genre.

A mix of technical and classic thrash riffs on 'Stigma Of Degeneration' are driven by this great drum backing with some really tight pedal work, vocals are fairly typical of the genre in that they are yelled through the mic!

Another stand out track is 'As Long As There's A God', this is a wall of power and it smashes through the speakers, has "Slayer" written all over it.

Now 'Reinvention' is a different beast, the vocals are sung properly and the music is more relaxed, in fact it almost sounds like a different band, this is pure american style hard rock, unexpected and very good.

Now each subsequent song seems to bring out different and more refined elements than that initial thrash assault and becomes a much more genre integrated album, melody mixes with the agression and creates more complex songs, whilst the vocal styles vary to match.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Slayer, Evile, Elimination, Breathless


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