Saturday, 30 August 2008


Ravens Creed

Barfly Camden 20.08.08

So the vile and repulsive emo/indie pop mag kerrang do a rare thing... Something Metal!
Arrive at 7 they said, so i did, then at 5 past 8 the first band take to the stage.
Witchsorrow are purveyers of Doom, slow, pounding chrords blast from the Gibson SG backed by powerfull bass and drumming.They ended thewir set with an amazing reworking of Mayhems 'Freezing Moon'.Why this band have no recordings to buy is something of a mystery to me.

Next up Ravens Creed fronted by Orange Goblins Ben ward and featuring Frazer Craske from Sabbat, Steve Watson from Iron Monkey and Jay graham from Skyclad.
The band dont so much play songs as attack them, a great mixture of punk/black metal/death metal with Ben pacing the stage and towering over the audience (Managing to scare off the only 2 kerrang readers at the front !).

Finally Turisas take to the stage, i guess they are the "Marmite" of metal at the moment, i have seen them seven times now and i like a nice thick layer of the black stuff.
This was possibly the best gig they have played,they entertain the crowd and have fun, something lacking in the emo world.
Of course everyones fave Vikings knock out the classics "One More" and after a lounge instrumentle telling everyone to grab a partner for the last dance, they launch into "Battle Metal", oh and of course "Rasputin".
One surprise in their set was a cover of 'Those Were The Days' the Paul McCartney penned song for folk singer Mary Hopkin which was on their original Heart Of Turisas demo a few years back.
All in all one of the best gigs i have been to in a long long time.



Ravens Creed


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