RAVENS CREED - Militia Of Blood Sacrifice (CD Review)

1.Panzer Maniac
2.Imperial Leather
3.Exploding The Steel
4.Dead Crow Mantle

Steve Watson (Iron Monkey) - Guitar
Jay Graham (Skyclad) - Drums
Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) - Vocals
James Kiely (GBH) - Guitar
Frazer Craske (Sabbat) - Bass

Four skull crushing tracks of pure fucking metal inspired by Venom and early thrash.From the opening track to the last its like venom jamming with ministry !The recordings dont quite match the ferocity of their live shows and this ep is just not enough, so hopefully a full album at some point and a live dvd,but go to the next gig and buy this limited edition cd,that way your neighbours will hate you forever when you crank it up!

Rating : 10/10
Get This If You Like : Venom.Discharge.Sabbat.



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