ACE MAFIA - Feel The Fire (CD Review)

1.Feel The Fire
2.Best Thing
3.London Underground

K.Ghibi - Vocals/Guitar
Richie Faulkner (Lauren Harris Band)- Lead Guitar
Bruno Agra (Zodiac Mindwarp & Love Reaction) - Drums
Geos Letona - Bass

Any band that starts their record with a ballad are either mad or genius,well Camden based rockers Ace Mafia are definatley the latter,crafting their debut ep with great care.

Showing clear influence from Guns N Roses and Motley Crue,throw in some Zakk Wylde guitar and vocals reminicent of Jerry Cantrell what you get is an overall mature rock sound,well produced and expertly executed.Feel The Fire is made for late night rock radio.Best Thing has flute on it (! more Magnum than Jethro Tull) and sampled string section,its really catchy and has that "Makes you nod your head and tap your feet" quality.London Underground is my favourite track,but there is a temptation to sing Sabbaths 'Hole In The Sky' in places,that matters not because this song "Kicks".Rollin' closes the ep and just leaves you wanting.

What can i say,just a brilliant self released ep of solid hard rock,theres only a couple of hundred at the moment so contact the band at their myspace,or if you are in Camden you might be able to pick one up at the Eclipse Tattoo Studio where one of the band members works.

Rating : 10/10
Get This If You Like : Black Label Society,Alice In Chains,Motley Crue,Guns N Roses.

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