Live At The Underworld, Camden 28/11/08
Rain On You (New Promo Video)
Building The beast (Stage Set Up)
Behind The Lizard (Backstage Footage)
Photo Gallery

Flash (Vocals)
Alice (Bass)
Niro (Guitar)
Sky (Drums)

I have many videos/dvd's of gigs that i have been too over the years and none of them have ever really captured the essence of the show and often edit out my favourite songs.So it was with average expectations that i hit play........

Great intro with a lizard in red leads us into a very well filmed (wait for it) FULL show (Hooray).You really get the feel of the electricity of the gig, basically its an exciting video.
As for the extras on the disc they are also good, firstly we get a promo of the new recorded version of "Rain On You" which is made up of live clips and the backstage footage with a few added graphics.

The 2 mini documentarys give you a very slight glimpse into the workings of a big show like this.
The first is Building the Beast which is basically putting the stage together and the soundcheck.The second is more fun, but only 4 minutes,this is them messing around backstage with photographers and crew members like Rocco (From Roxville) and the presenter from Quizmania Tim Litchfield.We are also treated to a rendition of "Scatman" by Flash.
The photo gallery and lyrics are pretty self explanatory really.We also get snippets of the fourthcoming album tracks during the menu's.

All in all this is a very good package and its self relesaed as well putting many "official" band dvd's to shame.

Rating 10/10



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