VIRUS, AFFLUENZA, MARIANA HOLLOW, FERAL Live At Purple Turtle 22.05.09 (Gig Review)


The Purple Turtle, Camden 22.05.09

Emerging as one of the forces in the metal hammer coined "NWOTM", thats New Wave Of
Traditional Metal, the foursome have now grown up out of their initial melodic thrash tag
to join the ranks of Green River Project and Cauldron as serious exponents of heavy metal.

Tonights set proved a hit with a 40 strong crowd of headbangers at the front while a few at
the back looked on decidedly unimpressed.Well lets face you cant please everybody, thats
the great thing about the whole metal genre - some you like some you dont.

Only one hitch in their set which was the micraphone cutting out during the first
performance of the new song "The Test", which is a shame because it was great.

Fronted by Rebecca Spinks, a singer of some considerable talent, the band proceed to play the longest set tonight which judging by the crowds reaction was a good thing.
Their infectious melodic and moody rock may have seen a strange choice on an essentially
all out metal bill, yet it worked a treat.

For all the melody there are some sneaking moments of agression in their songs which make
you think of Opeth or Paradise Lost.
A band clearly destined for greater things and an obvious support act for Within Temptation
the next time they hit the uk.

Just for once it would make a change to say that the band were not as good as usual or that
they screwed up, but i cant say that because they produced another perfect set!!!!!
A faultless performance hammering out the soon to be classics like "Dead Days" (Fucking
love that song!) and "Affluenza Strain" they entertain on a very high level.

Great sabbath like guitarwork backed as ever by solid rhythmic drummer and pounding bass
while Al paces the stage like a crazed Wayne Static screaming and growling his well written
As is becoming a habit with this lot you have to say "Great Success".

Reinvented, reborn and out to tear you a new asshole !
Original member Coke lead his army in a full out assault of 'loud as fuck' guitars, booming
vocals and some of the best drumming you will hear this side of Adrian Erlandsson.

Opening with the awesome "Lunacy" the venue erupts with a mixture of headbanging, moshing and hardcore dancing.After the first song a divide appeared with those repelled by the aural assault retreating to the back of the venue while the rest continued to smash braincells.

Virus are picking up an ever increasing young fan base as the new generation thrash fans discover where many of their favourite bands got their ideas from.

Tonight we were treated to two new songs "Skulls Of My Enemies" and the anthemic "Raped By Mutants".
The only things that marred tonights performance were Coke's guitar problems (A loose volume control and an over distorted guitar), the second was that the venue cut their set short, the former can be sorted but the latter was unforgivable, that said, and with the band obviously angry, it was still a great performance.







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