01.Spank The Cat
02.Demi's Room
03.Outta Luck
Frank Lee (Vocals)
Jonny Nonsense (Guitar)
Pauly Tsarion (Drums)
Joey Kash (Bass)
First release for the new line up, now based in the uk, for former American rock group known as Bangtoy 69.
This is a great ep and one that shows that reforming after 10 years was a good idea and that they can be a force to be reckond with.
Hitting play we are treated to a song about female masturbation !
Its anthemic and heavy as fuck, imagine Poison with balls and behold, great guitarwork, screaming vocals and powerfull drums from former Paul DiAnno's Battlezone skinsman pauly.
'Demi's Room' is a moody fast paced rocker with that anthemic shout it out quality that runs through all these songs, nice pounding bass in this one as well.
Finally we come to 'Outta Luck', this my viking metal hoardes is THE song that will get you headbaning and screaming out the chorus "Too Drunk To Fuck", not a reference to the Dead kennedy's classic, but a full on post hair metal rock work out.
Its got it all kick ass drums n guitars, awesome lead vocals, great backing vocals and the afore-mentioned chorus.
Bangtoy are back with a (Excuse the pun) BANG!
Rating 10/10
For Fans Of : Motley Crue, WASP, Skid Row, King Lizard, Posion, Roxville, Bon Jovi.


Anonymous said…
The guys on this ep are the american lineup!!!! The uk version never rerecorded the material!!! I know because I am the drummer on all three tracks!!!

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