Wednesday, 19 August 2009


01.Black Wing Bird
02.House Of Sin

Goffzilla (Guitar/Vocals)
Rob (Drums)
Carl Dawkins (Bass)

Thunderbird 13 are a hard hitting rock’n’roll band from London.Formed from the remnants of several other bands as a studio project in 2007, frontman Goffzilla fuses each members love of all things rock’n’roll to create their old school sound.

'Black Wind Bird' has a punchy Megadeth feel to it like 'In My Darkest Hour' its a stripped back sound which allows the music to speak for itself.
The second track 'House Of Sin' on the other hand is in uk stoner territory with a great guitar solo thrown in.
Both tracks show that this three piece have a great deal of potential, especially with current NWOTM resurgence.

Rating 7/10

For fans of : Megadeth, Viking Skull, Clutch, Cauldron


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